Agree death penalty disagee. I agree with capitol punishment for many reasons

December 21, 2015, 6:13 pm

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I agree with capital punishment. but only in certain cases. a murder for example can and should be regimes in prison. if they create prison violence and try to stop their inmates from being reformed, along with being a murderer, capital punishment is necessary.
of course with my prison reform we will attempt to reform and put into working society as many people as we can. #alexforpresident2036

4 years, 3 months ago

well that's also off point, the point of the criminal system should be to advance a society that has less crime, not just to punish someone, that's a childish attitude. Check the difference between the Norwegian justice system and ours and you will see the difference. They don't kill any of their inmates, treat them like humans and magically they have the lowest recidivism in the world.

4 years, 6 months ago

why do you agree with it? in general it isn't all that useful. it costs a lot, there is always the possibility of being wrong and killing innocent people, it gives them an easy way out so it isn't as much of a punishment. I don't see much usefulness in it.

4 years, 6 months ago

First off, humans are animals in the first place to call this inhumane and we do not execute these thugs like they are animals. we give them a humane execution rather. Go watch animals killing one another. I agree with the death penalty for many reasons. Call if it revenge but to me, it's the only true justice. Sure locking him away is justice to a point but that's all it is. Nothing else happens and he gets to live his life, eat his meals and occasionally has visits perhaps. Taking a life is even looked down upon on the bible and met with the criminal also being killed. (I'm not religious but in exodus, god specifically states one should be executed or did if they kill). I also think more of the deceased victims would want their murderer to be executed(we will never know obviously but when you do something bad to someone, most want revenge or justice). To kill someone is morally the worst thing to do so it would make sense the victim would have wanted that exact karma brought onto the criminal although again we will never know. As for the families, most want the criminal executed although the stories we read consists of the victims family forgiving although in my opinion, this is just the media trying to impose their own beliefs in a way or make a transition in everyone's train of thought. Also, more crimes would likely occur if the killer knew he wouldn't be getting a death sentence. In these killings, it's safe to assume some probably already know life in prison. is a possible sentence, but if it were that scary, crime wouldn't be as high as it is now. To me, we don't execute enough to strike fear into these nut cases and oh you can bet for sure if we were to execute them like they did their victims the crime rates would drop significantly, especially if we give them only maybe 3 appeals and carry these executions out faster. Anyhow going back to the main topic here, to me it's doing an injustice of just housing these guys but hey this here is an opinion but again I'm sure the deceased would at least agree if there were some way to ask for their thoughts. The needle ejection themselves are for the most part painless, again we are giving them a honorable death compared to what they did the victim. Also, housing takes up lots of space and over time, more expensive than executions OVER TIME cause all this amount of money Is being spent on housing and food and Yada yadda. So while execution could be more expensive in the short run, long run is more expensi

4 years, 6 months ago
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