All gods have same probability of existing.

May 20, 2015, 11:09 pm

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I'm sorry, I thought I had explained it enough that people would understand, but I see you are struggling with it so I will explain further. Occam's Razor States that if there are two possible explanations for something, whichever relies on fewer assumptions is more likely to be true. This means that if there are two religions, one relying on an omnipotent being and the other simply based on spirituality, the one that does not assume an all-powerful, never seen entity is more likely. Does that help you understand how the deity, or lack thereof, is relevant?

Furthermore, people report on the census that their religion is Jedi and Pastafarian. Both of these "religions" were made up (one for movies, the other as a criticism of religious beliefs) and are therefore obviously not true. Even the people who created them did not believe in them as religions. For all God's to have the same probability of existing, there would have to be the same probability of the flying spaghetti monster as Jesus.

You are welcome for my comments and I hope this serves to break them down a bit more so you have an easier time understanding them.

5 years ago

not really. it is very easy to look at the human race or a specific culture and say there will be a war one side will lose and have to leave there land but one day come back to that land via either rebellion or being allowed back.

5 years ago

The kingdom of israel WAS split in half between Judah and Israel. The northern kingdom of Israel WAS defeated by Assyrians and scattered. The first temple was destroyed by Babylonians and the Jews were sent into exile. The Persians did defeat the Babylonians, and the Jews were allowed to go back. And then they did rebuild the Temple. etc.etc. These are all historical facts.

pretty specific isn't it?

5 years ago

Can you be a bit more specific of these teachings? A general statement about the future written in a book is not proof that jesus is the creator of the universe.

"Some have omnipotent beings, some have powerful, but limited beings" This is true, but does not mean one is more probable. Whats an example of god in a religion being more probable than another god?
"Some have no divine beings but are spiritual " Failed to see how this related to the topic"

Thanks for commenting.

5 years ago

Some religions are more probable than others. Some have omnipotent beings, some have powerful, but limited beings, and some have no divine beings but are spiritual.

5 years ago

I don't think so. Jesus Christ has the highest possibility of existing cause as far as I can see some of those teachings and sayings written in bible were somehow happening now a days. therefore Jesus might be the real of those God presented by different religions.

5 years ago
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