ALL news sour es are biased. They pick and choose and some bend the truth.

April 6, 2018, 6:31 pm

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here's the crutch. and there no way to define this in words. it has to be a case by case critical thought. but bias/spin can be innocent and subconscious (unavoidable) or blatant and intentional. with an agenda.

fox and CNN are both bias in their tone, which is human. but I have a suspicion that fox has other flaws. I've been trying to confirm this by comparing news but a lack of free time has hindered it. but here is my hypothesis.

fox plays more local crime stories. and I know they cant cover all the nation's crimes, which leaves the door wide open for suspicions of cherry picking and scapegoating certain races/groups.

fox has more sensationalized articles although they haven't seemed that bad alot of the time.

I suspect fox does more miscellaneous character assassinations of Democrats like a sensationalized article titled "Bernie gets roasted for hypocrisy" when it turned out to be just 1 guy roasting him for daring to defend the poor while having money. which is stupid. but I haven't seen this repeatedly.

CNN mostly only targets one Republican and that's trump. and although any other president would have been justified to be criticized like that, at this point they should stop milking that cow and focus on more important issues.

I suspect fox does limited coverage of the Mueller investigation but they have covered the recent big moves (possibly to big to not report without losing all credibility).

fox pushes fake reports supporting climate skepticism. dont want to get into that here if your a skeptic, but an article saying that scientists are being unscientific by dismissing others opinion is bullshit. opinion dont matter to science. you dont reconsider a conclusion based on a new guess. you reconsider conclusions based on new experimental evidence. so either these journalists are clueless about how science works (unlikely) or they were just building a false narrative.

CNN doesn't to my knowledge report moves to start a hillary investigation, but I agree with them that that is just meant to be a distraction.

2 years, 3 months ago

Fair enough. In the context I used it however, when I speak of bias I refer to all the liberties news stations take when delivering the news. the notion that news must have a "spin" on it for the greater good, is irresponsible to me.

2 years, 3 months ago


bias is inherently human. it would be ridiculous to expect no bias. proof of that is that even scientists have to use double blind studies where even they dont know who is taking what because despite their greatest desire to be unbiased, it's not completely possible.

but bias doesn't mean fake news or ulterior motives. bias may put a story about deregulation into a negative or positive light, but professional integrity can still provide quality.

the listing of all facts, avoiding sensationalism, not leaving out stories (whatever light), and not running fake news. are all things that can be achieved despite any inherent bias, as long as the ultimate motivator is truth and not special interest.

2 years, 3 months ago

Hi guys, long time no talk. But I'm back now. My position is simple, like I've stated before, I no longer have a party affiliation, instead, I get into very in depth conversations about any political topic in order to make educated decisions. The thing is though, that for every angle you may pose stating "only liberal media is biased, or only right winger media is biased" I am certain we can all do some research and debunk either myth.

I no longer think there's such a thing as a reliable news source. I approach my news like a courtroom. I have been watching the same news on Fox and then CNN, and I've never had so much fun.

This game gets better when you go online. Maybe eye witness accounts on facebook.... My point is, if you wanna learn the truth, you must do your research. Change my mind.

2 years, 3 months ago
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