America is planning and creating World War 3.

July 3, 2015, 5:33 am

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So do you have any kind of theory of how the US government could come out of a nuclear apocalypse somehow intact and in a better position than it is in now?

If the topic was that the US was planning to start a war, it is possible. To say that they are going to start a world war is very unlikely since any kind of large scale war would end in nuclear strikes, making the world uninhabitable.

If you can't come up with a single theory about who they would be fighting, what the goal is, or even if it would be a real war, how can you expect people to support your premise that they are?

5 years ago

Yes my mistake, Obama is playing a major role in this.

5 years ago

You're right no one would win unless the U.S were going to benefit from it despite who wins or loses, they would start with funding both sides; theirs and the country they're supposedly at war with. My theory is that as someone said they are the super power of the world and from my research they are powerful enough to do just about anything. With that said I believe they are wanting to start this war so that they can change the status quo, as many conspiracy theorist believe to be the 'New World Order' and this will be a drastic and negative change to society. It is a clever scheme to bring about a big change, they also did this after previous world wars but with less corruption. After the war the public are manipulated into thinking we need some sort of change to avoid possible future wars and this is done by the government using fear to control you. Although all of this does not necessarily answer your question it is hard to show you evidence as alot of conspiracy research is needed to be done. To answer why they would do it is easy, to gain more of what they love; power. Also if you doubt this theory do some research into the 'New World Order' and if you are not informed China and Russia are actually preparing for war against the U.S as we speak.

If this does not make sense and your thinking the U.S would not be cooperating with Russia or China then another theory could be that it is a genuine war but may still be instigated by the U.S. furthermore, to conclude this theory it would be that the U.S military forces and nuclear weapons are just enough to win against them and this will still allow the change to take place. Either way the U.S is drowning in power and corruption at the moment and I believe they have the power to carry out either one of the above theories but the war does not matter it is the change they are trying to bring about afterwards that is significant.

Sorry for the late reply. Feel free to share your thoughts but remember this is a theory but is able to be backed up by several conspiracy theorists.

5 years ago

America is the super power of the world. The last thing they want is a world war. It would only compromise their position and upset the status quo, which for the moment favors them.

5 years ago

I am not saying it is impossible because absence of proof is not proof of absence, but the burden of proof is on the one making the claim. In this case you need to show some evidence that Obama (or the US) is planning to start WW3.

5 years ago

That still doesn't provide any evidence or rationale behind this theory.

5 years ago

Correction. Obama is planning a creating world war 3.

5 years ago

No one would win a World War, so why would the US instigate one intentionally?

5 years ago
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