America is ready for a women president

March 27, 2015, 1:42 pm

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America is ready for a female president, bit whether one should be elected depends, as previous comments have said, on her merits.

6 years ago

the point of the discussion was merely meant for any sexist people to come out of thier closet and to address my argyment negatively, for the purpose of a good debate. i agree your viewpoint

6 years ago

If women are equal to men, then then can be elected on their own merit. They don't need to be carried into office by people who think having a woman president is more important than having a capable President.

Electing a woman President for the sake of electing a woman president would only make a case for women not being capable of doing it through merit, which is a false idea.

6 years ago

Please enlighten me on how that is a stupid concept

6 years ago

Then what's the point of the discussion. America almost elected a woman in 2008, so that pretty much answers the question. The only issue is people implying we should make a goal of electing a woman. Which is a stupid concept.

6 years ago

that wasnt my statement. i claimed america is ready to stop the 250 year reign of men as presidents, and a smart, capable women could be elected.

6 years ago

Don't elect someone just because they have a vagina

6 years ago
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