America will never recover after Trump

April 29, 2018, 2:51 pm

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you know how the media tends to focus on the worst and loudest? i believe that is why you see the extreme right is growing. every special election since has tipped so much more left that die hard conservative areas won by previously unheard of small margins. even not counting the pediphile rapist.

of course noone can know for sure at this point, but it feels like trump is just down to his small, vocal base. even the Republican leadership is getting disgusted by the direction. even his base is being divided by some of his more moderate failed attempts.

2 weeks, 6 days ago

While I do agree that mismanaged globalism is one of the driving factors, I disagree that racism is the driving factor or the result. America needs to be mindful of it's immigration policies, which is not racist. Other countries, Mexico for example have stricter immigration policies. An immigrant from Mexico can be white, black, and Asian if you look at small communities in Colombia... they all need to legally immigrate, become Americans.

And the polarization relies on a condensing niche on the left, making most things right of center alt. right. We can observe major news outlets that report on alt right figures have more moderate stances than reported. Though, I will admit that the next generation is polling more Republican than it has for awhile. It isn't a uptick or push against moderate policies or American values, it's left leaning policies that are being rolled back.

And what does the UN do? Weak sanctions disagreement, forcing alliances that have no good will while never quite exerting full power. Genocides ignored Armenian and Rwanda, Peace worker paedophile rings, immigration decided by countries that will not take refugees themselves, and exorbitant green projects that encourages industrial age production. Mismanagement is putting it lightly. It's like a Potter telling a blacksmith how to do his job and using his budget to buy clay!

America has been at the forefront of development. English is the lingua Franca of trade, despite only being 13% native speakers, America has the largest hold of independent patents in small businesses, America is clearly doing something right if we are a super power that directly affects even China's economy. Heading towards the rest of the world is a step backwards.

3 weeks, 2 days ago

I very much hope you are right. but it seems like both sides are only getting more polarized. the right is getting further right. the left is getting closer to rest of the developed world, which for some reason the Republicans see as a bad thing.

any remenants of bipartisanship seem to be dead and buried. neither side will allow the other to do something good to try to prevent them from getting a win. party comes before the public good.

3 weeks, 2 days ago
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sorry, america is anything but falling apart. if anything it has shown that it's systems are stronger than any 1 man, including trump.

the extreme right wing is not an american problem, it is a world wide reaction to mismanaged globalism. this mostly takes the form of immigration xenophobia, and in the case of the USA, there needs to be special consideration, because as much as I support family reunification, the us is the only nation that uses it for a large chunk of its immigration with Canada being a huge user of merit based immigration (exactly what trump is pushing for btw)

also considering how trump is getting pushback from even the right and a predicted blue wave going they even the most red states shows that rather than a reverse course, this is just a step back before a dash forward. my prediction is that in the long term, trump is the best thing to happen to happen to the US, as hillary would have kept up the same snails pace forward as Obama, only fueling the alt right instead of exposing the cancer as the ineffective bullshit it is (as trump beautifully did).

3 weeks, 5 days ago

I think America is changing. trump is as much a symptom of those changes as he is a cause of them. people like bannon, info wars and Fox news have been pushing a culture war. and they have successfully undermined America's institutions and principals. people have stopped believing in their government, the media, the rule of law.

America is falling apart. I don't see any evidence that trend will do anything but get worse.

3 weeks, 5 days ago
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