Animals shouldn't stay in zoo

February 21, 2014, 3:52 am

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I believe that endangered animals should be kept in zoo like habitats so they can get the population of their species up again. The people coming to see them would just be extra revenue towards rehabilitating the animals.
It's also important to have some on reserve in case of a really horrible poaching season, the rampamt out break of a disease, or a natural disaster that hurts the population were to occur.

3 years, 10 months ago

They have life, and have equal rights. We are humans and are more sane than the other animals, does'nt mean we forget the existence and freedom of other animals.

3 years, 10 months ago

Animals shouldn't stay in zoo, they need to get a free life. Always stickong in the zoo having no partners or friends, always sitting in front of viewers is so boring. They need to also have a life. Animals also have instincts. I know the government provided the safari Park where the animals are free, but thats not still done. 50% of the animals are in zoo and 50% are in the park.

It's basically remove the heart of someone. Can any of us stay apart from our family?! Its such a bad way to earn money.

Animals depend on the nature hoe their lifestyle circulates. We need to wear jackets in the winter they also need some of that in their style. Like maybe staying under the grass or in their territory makes them a bit more comfortable. But staying in the cage makes them weak and they get more rage.

The ANIMALS are like us they came like us, and they'll also go back like us.

3 years, 11 months ago
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Is it more important to provide satisfaction to humans than to allow animals to live a healthy and natural life? The attraction argument is unjust as capturing animals and putting them up for show is denying them the right to live undisturbed by humans, as they should. The extinction argument is only catering to humans' desire to preserve the animals, whereas I feel we should simply allow them to die off naturally. Is it not just another form of playing God?

4 years, 6 months ago

captivity is sweet, they don't like sleeping in the rain either

4 years, 6 months ago

disagree. They provide a source of attraction and also some are best preserved in a zoo, especially the ones going extinct.

4 years, 6 months ago

I think it would be a better idea to help orphaned and injured in captivity instead of healthy animals

4 years, 7 months ago

Why should we capture helpless animals and force them to remain in captivity. I have nothing against zoo's, but i still believe that all species have the right to roam this world.

4 years, 7 months ago

animals are actually being taken care of and are probably living longer and healthier than they would in the wild because they have a better chance of dieing out there

5 years ago

Animals are better stay in the forest but the problem is some areas of forest keep decreasing since it is their natural habitat. Most of the forests in the world are already set up for building complexes for human. Zoo is the alternative to keep animals from extinction and can be a recreation place for kids as well.

5 years, 6 months ago

Zoos are art galleries for nature But the thing is we didn't make the animals God or nature did. So we're taking credit and admiring for something we have no right to.

6 years, 4 months ago
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