Charlottesville deserves an explanation. White nationalist protest counterprotest and driver.

August 14, 2017, 9:02 am

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people suck donkey nuts. everyone is reactionary, and no one can be rational. there. I explained it.

2 years, 4 months ago

I dont judge but I am for

2 years, 5 months ago

David Duke still has people.

2 years, 5 months ago

I try to be fair here. Immedietely I would distance myself from white nationalists, though I hesitate to call them racist. I argue against identity politics, though most people really can't separate themselves from identity.

For example, I recognize that someone who wants to address issues in the black community will be drawn to black lives matter, and while some major things would keep me from supporting the group (Mismanaging cases, thereby choosing champions of Justice or victims in possibly lawful shootings creating a witch Hunt) I recognize this didn't happen in a vacuum. Likewise, we have white nationalists. I disagree with Robert E Lee, he was no champion to hold, our countries values are different! Though there was an issue of secession, the civil war was more than north vs south, it was political and divided in the north as well, deeper than the mere racist south as we tend to simplify. YET, Robert E Lee was already accurate and not filtered as a simpler image.

White nationalists are not KKK or Neonazis, but since they hold a champion that I believe should be let go in terms of culture (cultures change, a staple of culture is usually introduced by another), their case is not an easy one. I have had yet to hear it is a case of establishing "white superiority". Still, maybe that is too generous of an assumption, if Richard Spencer agrees with them and walks too, I won't hesitate to say it's racist.

And just for the ad hominem, their March was pretty fruity, with tiki torches and too much spare time these fruitcakes thought it would send a message. Gathering might, explaining your values better might, but it was really retarded of them to act the way they did.

2 years, 5 months ago

From what I understand:

White Nationalists March in protest of taking down a Robert E Lee statue. Personally I don't think a protest is necessary, I have heard and understand arguments for the Confederate flag and can meet halfway on that. However I do not feel the same about Robert E Lee, he should be taken down.

In terms of the protestors, they say "you cannot replace us." People are making response videos saying that since whites aren't underrepresented or since there's nothing to March about, this shouldn't have happened. I do not believe these events happen in a vacuum, somehow there's an argument that can tie this general to white culture (still disagreeing, it seems racist, but racist is a heavy claim that I do not feel is appropriate) and without addressing the issue or keeping a piece of the community in mind, may cause a repeat in actions.

There was also a chant of "unite the right" which I do not think is quite correct. The occurrence of the "alt right" came about when newly involved voters had been driven away from the modern left. Since there is no way in their minds but right, arguably libretarian, classical liberals, newer republicans socialists, and neonazis all ball up into the same group. These ideas are nowhere near compatible, yet can be found in various parts.

Counterprotests were typical antifa, I disagree with white nationalists and protests, same with antifa.

Finally, the driver. I have seen portions of the clip, and from what has been provided thus far it is probably too early for ideology to determine. I will wait a week for the facts on that. Immedietely the news came out with different spins, there was no license plate, there was, the driver is a Trump Supporter, the driver isn't, the driver was swarmed, the driver was knocked into, and frankly I don't trust the first thing. If this guy came with the intention of driving people over, whether those would be antifa or white nationalists, it is terrorism, plain and simple. Getting swarmed is different, but that is a different discussion.

2 years, 5 months ago
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