Clinton is using african americans for votes

August 18, 2016, 11:26 am

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Clinton is pandering to various groups to get votes, just like any and all politicians do. That isn't using them, it is promising to look out for their interests if elected.

2 years, 12 months ago

how are you not getting this. there is NO EVIDENCE she has any serious health issues. she had a brain clot several years ago. her doctor has given her a clean bill of health. if you have actual evidence fine, but I won't go into conspiracy theories. especially if you say a few random photos on the internet and the opinions a few biased people is indisputable evidence then you are either extremely biased or delusional. or both.

3 years ago

I am simply stating she has major health issues, and I will admit I do not know what they are from. Some doctors have said they can originate from her severe bloot clot in the brain from the concussion that gave her brain damage. They also said this can explain her clumsiness. Brain damage can affect thinking and ect., as one doctor mentioned. As these issues become more into question, I hope it will force them to release health records, so we can know the extent that these issues will effect her White House.

Again, she has major health issues and that is not debatable, to what extent and what it affects, IDK.

3 years ago

there is no actual evidence she has any serious health problems. there are pictures on the internet and people saying it's indisputable evidence. that sounds exactly like a conspiracy theory.

3 years ago

what impact will a health condition have on Clinton's ability to destroy... err I mean "run" the US? does it matter?

3 years ago

It is not a conspiracy theory. It is a underknown fact that she has major health problems.

3 years ago

I honestly don't care what some tv personality has to say about a conspiracy theory. he's a tv host now likes the attention.

there is no solid evidence she has any serious health problems. even if she were sick it still wouldn't really matter me anyway. it's just not an interesting debate in any way.

3 years ago Did you want someone with medical experience diagnosing Hillary?

3 years ago

My post was reffering to Democrats in general, not just Hillary Clinton. When you look at where African-Americans suffer the most, you will see they are democratically controlled cities that have failed.

3 years ago

every politician panders to groups to get their votes. it is a core part if politics. so saying a politician panders is like saying they ran for office. there really isn't a difference.

what exactly did your comment mean? what about her pandering and the results did not add up?

3 years ago

You should really read my argument because nowhere did I say Trump did not pander. I simply stated the amount of pandering from Democrats to African-Americans did not add up with the results in the African-American community.

It is the same thing with you over and over again, constant misrepresantion of my views, implying I said something that I never actually said, and my dogmatic world view. You are just like all the other liberals and it dissapoints me.

You must be fun to hang around with.

3 years ago

and trump doesn't pander? your hypocrisy continues to astound.

3 years ago

The amount of pandering and the amount of results for African-Americans do not add up for Democrats.

3 years ago

How so?

3 years ago

What's an african American? where is that country located?

3 years ago
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