Color-Intolerance Z still Going 0n...isnt it

July 4, 2017, 9:40 am

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Hmm...Salony...its also seen Here

3 years ago

Sorry I cn't Get ur Question...

3 years ago

Are you foreign

3 years ago

Dear Frnd Thereal,its nt a stupid topic...there was a hot debate in my school on this topic.And color-intolrence is still going on..its in the mind of people bt can't be seen in a large number

3 years ago

Hahah....& FinallY here It is The Joke of D day...plZ dnt mind Jst kidding

3 years ago

The moronic posts...this has to be nemiroff, neveralone, historybuff or psychdave. Just not sure which one.

3 years ago
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