Communism is growing specially within the United States of America

April 7, 2014, 6:01 pm

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Government get money from other sources besides taxes like Oil, Gold, Silver, Diamonds and films. This varies by country. Also, a lot of money is collected from museums that are visited by millions each year or national parks. Hunting licenses, Fishing licenses, If everyting fails, you can always lease land to McDonald's to grow some onions. Governments are very productive. Who do you think invented the Internet? Most of the technologies you use every single day of your life come from the government. Including your car if you have a Volkswagen which was invented by Hitler or your Jeep which was for the United States Army. Many of the pieces inside your iPhone come from top secret projects at the Pentagon that were declassified a few decades ago and they are now sold commercially. Check Motorola, which invented the cell phone for the Army.
In the field of science, there are many patents that are invented by the Government and they sell it to everybody that needs it.

I don't think a blue collar worker buying a bottle of Jack Daniels for $50 is going to be very productive after he drinks the whole bottle by himself because his wife is dead.

If you sell the same bottle for $100 including a $50 Alcohol Tax and you use that cash to send a smart individual to college and that individual gets a six figure job and pays a lot of taxes that is a good return on your investment but you gotta charge $50 for that bottle.

That sad guy is only going to buy two bottles if you don't charge any taxes.

It's all about taking money from the people at the bottom and using that cash to push the people in the middle all the way to the top.

6 years ago

I think you're right that it's growing, but it's definitely not a good idea. Here's a very short explanation as to why: Wealth can only be generated by people being productive. Governments can only spend money that is taken from those who are productive (via taxes). Governments are not productive. If you take government money (or the products thereof), you are taking a piece of the wealth generated by society and not creating any wealth yourself. Eventually, this reaches a tipping point where governments cannot take enough wealth (via taxes) from people being productive to pay for everyone who is not productive. This is one way that economies collapse.

6 years ago

With 10% of the population unemployed, getting food, clothes, shoes and education for FREE from the government does not seem like a very bad idea at all.

6 years, 1 month ago
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