Covid stroke risk. young adults no conditions. if you slurr or 1 side weakness go to hospital STAT

April 26, 2020, 1:29 am

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i think we can rule out inflammatory storm in these cases as the individuals were asymptomatic or post mild symptomatic. an inflammatory *storm* would be VERY symptomatic, indeed medical emergency symptomatic.

there have been prior reports of mass clotting in critical patients, which is where i got my ineffective anticoagulants statement... but this is different.

furthermore, my article stated that the individuals in question had no preexisting conditions and were young adults 30 to 40 who were in the "lowest risk factor group."

the news is all over all press sites, i tried to avoid non specific press sources for technical details. the link worked for me, but i found it by googling "covid stroke" and clicking the news tab.

the point of this statement is not for those who are asymptomatic, but those that may experiencing these very different symptoms and consider not going to the corona infected hospital. slurred speach and half facial drooping are far from normal and a stroke is far more deadly and far more immenet then covid19. the message was, if this is you, DO NOT DELAY!

11 months, 2 weeks ago

I can't access the link itself but I found this response to the article.

Neurosurgeon here

This is largely because of the extreme inflammatory storm that some people can develop from the virus. As inflammation cascades are inherently pro-thrombotic (if you're being attacked by a bear you want your blood to be as thick as possible to prevent bleeding out while it mauls you).

As such most patients with significantly elevated D-dimer are put on prophylactic anti-coagulation to decrease thrombotic complications (although its not a perfect solution)

Keep in mind that the risk factors that have been identified for severe complications (Diabetics, HTN, obese) are all independent stroke factors in their own right, so its like adding gasoline to the fire.

That being said for those freaking out, the overwhelming majority of patients who contract the novel coronavirus are minimally symptomatic and recover but just like walking outside and getting hit a by car is not impossible, its unlikely.

But just as its a bad idea to drive more than necessary on new years eve (a day of the year with a disproportionate amount of drunk drivers) its a bad idea to expose yourself to large groups of people and roll the dice with your and other people's health

11 months, 2 weeks ago

if there are any doctors in this community, im considering starting a low dose aspirin regiment prophylactically, but read that even hospital anticoagulants were ineffective.

is it possible anticoagulants increase clotting with some reflex counter reaction? or is it unrelated and anticoagulants are helpful but ineffective at late stages?

i know this is new, but looking for medical suggestion on how to protect myself, and provide best available advice to others, regarding this new complication.

thank you.

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11 months, 2 weeks ago
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by go as fast as you can, i mean call 911. driving during a stroke, not a good idea.

11 months, 2 weeks ago

within 6 hours, treatment for stroke is very good.
after 24 hours, treatment is not very effective.

people dont want to go to hosptial because of covid contagion, but if you have thise symptoms, go as fast as you can.

slurred speech
1 sided weakness, sudden.
1 sided facial drooping, usually opposite side of weakness.
google facial drooping for images of what to look for.

these symptoms are not something you wait on.

11 months, 2 weeks ago
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