Crossfit should die

December 7, 2017, 4:57 pm

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sounds like most of your issues is with the company running the most popular program of the workout. this is why many areas regulate seemingly unnecessary jobs and require licenses. sure market forces will eventually fix the situation (or switch to a different company), but until then people will be hurt by unprofessional professionals. and that's not ideal.

I can't defend the company and would love to use this in a pro regulation speech, but I don't see the problem with a face paced advanced workout. not every workout should be for newbies, and fast paced high intensity workouts are more fun, meaning people stick to them. it definitely should be taught properly but that's back on to the company or individual trainers. unless the workout uses alot of bad movements like overextensions, it's fine.

is this similar to HIIT? (high intensity interval training) because that one has shown to be extremely effective. of course one should start slow and know ones limit but with all frequent movement and weighted activities, there is risk.

also, cross fit is never marketed for newbies. when I think cross fit I think musclehead cross fit bros. and if this guys hurt themselves working out, they should know better. you want a bad work out fad marketed to casuals? soul cycle. How dumb is it to just pedal as your primary or only workout?

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It is not a very simple exercise routine nor a productive one. I would normally agree with "cross training", but the way the brand cross fit does it is totally counter productive and is harmful for a lot of the people that do it. The brand has a very low standard of hiring instructors, and not to mention the program values speed over actually properly completing a technique for the purpose of sport. (Crossfit single handedly popularized the correct way to do an incorrect pullup.) If you are a average joe wanting to get in shape, which most of the demographic who participates are, why would you join? There is literally no reasoning. You can get in better shape with simpler routines and have a lot lower injury risk. From what I seen, the sport seems to value mental endurance than physical endurance. You do not have to do a pullup/pushup that requires strength, you can totally lay of the floor and use yours knees to get up to do an acceptable "pushup" To win, you just have to be better at pushing your body to complete failure than the other guy. Not to mention, many "Athletes" had to go to the ER doing this. You have no set goal. For instance, to get faster, to get more rounded shoulders, or even to get abs. You are in a class, with a bunch of other people, all going to the same place. Injury and small gains and reading the WOD. Why shouldn't it die? It has no benefits, and its hardly entertaining. Its just another gimmick that baits stupid people in.

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actually I think you should explain why a simple exercise routine should die. I would think no would be the default position until you reason otherwise.

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crossfit es un gymnasion.Si crossfit debe morir. Para---

1) La Falta de seguridad

2) La paleo dieta chupa.


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