Cryptocurrency is hated by evil people only because you can give money to a complete stranger

February 2, 2018, 1:55 pm

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Wrong. The people who give money to strangers and travelers probably have the least amount to give, but are happy to give what they can. The people who have the most money make excuses to not give anything and try to force a cashless society so they can laugh at those who are in a situation that money can change. They will spend a million dollars on a radio or TV ad claiming that a homeless person with $800 dollars to his name is rolling in dough, while pretending that renting an apartment for 1 month cost about $5. There are evil people who advocate that a poor person only deserves to be given food. In reality, they only want money given to their alliance who try and force Christianity upon the peasantry. So if money is only given to their Christian allies, they can force obedience by tricking people into believing that only Christians have money and deserve to control those who don't have it.
Cryptocurrency doesn't care about your race or religion, so naturally all wicked ones hate it, because they can't force obedience to themselves and can't positively identify the person who benefited.

1 year ago
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So are all people with money, evil then?

1 year ago

Let's stick to the script provided.
If you think I go hard, check out bitter truth channel on YouTube.
Anyways, evil people like to laugh at people who don't have money for themselves or to give anyone else.
You see they have enough for themselves and their close personal relations.
They are only entertained by mocking the unfortunate and preventing them from having.
The invention of altcoins changes the battlefield.

1 year ago

How did I know that this question was posted by you before even looking?

1 year ago
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