Dead penalty should be brought back

January 11, 2020, 12:49 pm

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There isn't enough people sentenced to death to justify capital punishment on the basis of them overpopulating prisons. Also, an economic argument falls down within our current system because the legal costs of killing someone are higher than the cost of housing them in a jail for a lifetime. Capital punishment isn't scaled in the same way the jail system is so there's a tonne of inefficiency. So the only way your idea stands up is if you also want to increase the amount of people we process through capital punishment facilities.

Also, the world population is predicted to stabilise to around 9-11 billion because developed countries have a birthrate of about 2 per female, they're effectively replacing themselves instead of growing the population. So the prison population is never going to be an unmanageable size unless the rate goes up. In the USA the incarnation rate is absurdly high, and that's why the USA has prison population issues, but that's because of silly processes, not a much higher than average level of crime.

8 months ago

Hello there, I have agreed not based on my personal beliefs or bias for one or more group of crimes committed because of the skuwed results that those conclusions may bring. I have agreed simply because you only have so many spots for a prison and only so many cells to put inmates. As the world population grows there will be less space for ALL people who call Earth home. I will agree that this logic seems cold and unfeeling towards the plight of most inmates but for the certain few especially those condemned to death row would it not be seen as more merciful to end their suffering while attending to the need of many families who want vengeance for harm that has visited their loved ones. Yes blind justice is a problem that needs attention but for those who wear their guilt proudly what is there to keep the families to exact their own justice in a controlled environment after all they are the ones who want to make things right. some may see this as barbarically simple or even terribly misguided but next time you see in the need of a child dying because their parents had beaten them or a mass shooter targeting a crowd who have done no wrong to the individual, consider the mercy they paid to them.

8 months ago
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do you think the quick release of death is a harsher punishment then lifetime in prison without parole and perhaps even reduced privileges?

and what of all the people on death row who were eventually shown to be innocent? what do you do if you find out their innocence after their execution? their innocent blood will be on your hands.

8 months, 1 week ago
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do you really think a sex offenders who have molested children multiple times should be walking around our Earth, being expected to change? you're repulsive if you think such. the whole reason prison exists is so that they won't do what they've done wrong AGAIN. it's not making the world a better place, it's making it a dumber place.

8 months, 1 week ago

the death penalty is a blessing brought for people who have done something intensely wrong.

why should we get rid of a system that betters our world?

pedophiles DO NOT deseve to live.
convicted murderers DO NOT deserve to live.
animal abusers DO NOT deserve to live.
rapists DO NOT deserve to live.

look up the story of luka magnotta and tell me you don't want him hung.

seasons change but people don't.

8 months, 1 week ago

No! There's always a time for change! It is not proven that it lessen the heinous crime rates well in fact innocents can be blamed by the things that they really didn't do.

8 months, 1 week ago
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the problem with the death penalty lies in the details. even if mistakes are rare, as deicin stated, they are final.

furthermore the process to minimize mistakes involves more appeals, higher burden of proof, larger juries all make the cost of the death penalty much higher then even a life of imprisonment. (much to the dismay of idiots who claim that rope or a bullet is cheap and cant figure out where these costs come from)

and finally, for those who did do it; is death really worse then a life of imprisonment with no chance of parole and perhaps even reduced priveleges compared with the general prison population?

seems like a lighter punishment, that can never be fixed, and a major money drain. this is no bleeding heart defense, death penalty seems like an inferior solution in every metric. also it does not dissuade criminals who tend to assume they wont get caught.

8 months, 1 week ago

I think there are criminals who deserve to die, but if they give someone the death penalty and then discover that he was innocent they will not be able to recover it, so I don't know if it should be legal

8 months, 1 week ago
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