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November 19, 2016, 12:17 am

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oh my god. The hostage story matches somewhat with the real life 1991 sacramento hostage crisis. I didnt even knew about it. To know more about the real life hostage situation, watch the video 'Bad guys at the good guys' on youtube.

To be honest, I didnt even knew about it.

3 years, 9 months ago

i dont feel like posting stories anymore. sorry :-) Bye. Too busy.

3 years, 9 months ago

Ok everybody. Stay tuned on debate wars radio channel for more stories. Currently i'm busy. As you all know i have a life too. Just stay tuned.

Upcoming story..... Journey to old New Orleans.

3 years, 9 months ago

please agree in this argument if you loved my story. disagree if you hated it.

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#All the hostages has been rescued. Time- about 6:05 PM. Media surrounds the Store Incharge and the accountant to ask questions. Bodies of the three gunmen were taken for post mortem.

news reporter--- Landies and Gentlemen. The hostage situation at Lee's groceries has come to an end after the suspect has been nuetralized. Two of the other suspects were killed by the third suspect who was nuetralized. Anyway. We have here Mr. Dave, the store incharge and Steve, the accountant. Okay ( To Dave and steve)
How did you guys feel? I mean have you thought of getting outta here alive?

Dave--- Hell no. Its due to the swat team and god that i'm able to talk with you now. haha.

Steve-- I was the one, who was marked for as a pawn piece to shoot by the suspects. I didnt had any chances of survival.

Dave--- Please dont ask anymore questions, its a tragedy and its now gonna haunt me. I wanna go home.

News reporter-- What would you like to say at the last?

Dave--- Believe in God. God does exists and life's too short.

News reporter--- Thanks. Reporting from Downtown Los Angeles( To the audience).


3 years, 10 months ago
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scene -- near the back door of the store
time- 5:59 PM. 60 seconds from deadline.

swat officer-- place the charge on the door.

swat team member (Hussey)-- roger that! ( plants it on the door)

swat officer-- 5...4...3...2....1...0... GO GO GO.... (Swat teams blows open the back door and makes their way into the shop.)

#meanwhile the hostages and Max are shocked. The sniper fires a shot on the front view glass of the store causing it to shatter and Accountant was able to escape out of it.

Swat officer--- throw the tear gas grenades.

swat team member (Mike) ---- roger that! ( fires tear gas grenades between the shelves as the proceed)

Store incharge--- ( coughing) Oh my gosh! I cant breathe. HELP!

Max--(to himself) Haha. I shall use the gas masks ( wears it but it turns out to be fake too)

Max--(To himself) Damn it. Even thse are fake. (Becomes restless and takes cover behind a desk and fires shots in random directions)

Swat officer--- Mike, Looks we got the hostage near the counter and the captor behind the desk. Advance!!!!

Swat team member (Hussey)-- ( fires his MP5 towards the desk. Max takes one shot in his hand) I guess I got him.

Max-- Take these you mother f***ers. (fires 48 rounds on the swat team but none was injured)

swat officer--- we are under fire! return fire!

swat members- roger that!! (return fires at the desk, where max was hiding. Max takes 3 shots in his belly)

Max--- OUCH. IT PAINS. (Drops his AR-15 and crouches in the floor)

Store incharge--- oh my god!!!!

swat team member (mike)-- Looks he has been nuetralized. But still we shall advance.

# The swat team surrounds max. Max was crouching. He was unarmed and bleeding to death.

swat officer--- raise your arms in the air!!!

Max--- Die you ****** ( tries to take his AR-15 with an effort)

swat officer-- open fire!! # TATATATAT....#

#The swat team open fires on Max. Max takes 19 shots in his head. He was killed.

swat team member (Hussey)- suspect nuetralized.

swat officer--- mission accomplished.

#the store incharge has been rescued and was guided out of the store.

3 years, 10 months ago
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Scene--- inside the store .. time -- 5:58 PM

Max--- ( to the 911) We arent going to surrender... Oh sorry. Its just me now. Give me the money within the next two minutes. or else the store will be on fire. And is the plane ready?

911 dispatcher-- Yes the plane's ready. and stay calm. money on its way(lies and issues a green light to the swat members)

Max--- Do fast you sucker... (ends the call)

scene-swat planning building

radio operator--- well boys. You have been issued the green light. Two of the gunmen have been probably killed by the third gunman himself. Take out the last one.

swat officer-- Roger that!!!

3 years, 10 months ago
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scene-- inside the store. time- 5:55 PM.

Rex -- ( to his mother on the phone) Mother iam sorry that I wouldnt be able to come back. ( tears come out of his mother)

Mother--- I knew it was you! ( cries) when i saw the news. why did you do that? huh? You dont care for your mother? huh? stop it my son. stop it.... (cries) Just surrender to the cops. Atleast in the prison you might show the people that..... you know... that you have a heart and emotions.... you still can become a good person and show it the people..... Just dont kill people.... it would make you a terrorist... Son give it up... Atlest for your mother... I know that you lived a hard life but still its a not answer to that......Go give up and become good and for the good....

Rex--- okay my momma ( cries too) iam going to surrender...(ends the conversation and calls the 911)

Rex-- iam gonna surrender. I dont want to become a terrorist.

911 dispatcher--- okay good. step out of the store with your hands in the air.

Rex-- will do.

Max--- ( angry) Are you mad? Fuck you Rex. We have progressed so far and now you are gonna surrender?

Rex--(shouts at Max) Progress? They are gonna send the swat team and will kill us all. Is that all you want? You want death? Just give it up boy.

Max--- We came on a mission( shouts) HOW CAN YOU FORGET THAT? Iam prepared to die. Iam gonna fight until death.

#Meanwhile Lax and the hostages stays nuetral. and watches them argue.

Rex --( to max) then you should better die and go to hell. Iam gonna surrender .....

Max--( angry)( picks up his AR-15 and empties a magazine at Rex) Die you ******.....( fires shots at Rex)

#Rex dies at an instant. and his lifeless body collapses on the floor meanwhile the hostages scream and Lax jumps up and hugs Rex's lifeless body.....

Lax--- what the hell have you done? You killed Rex... ( cries) ... now you are gonna pay for it...( picks up his pistol and aims at Max)

Max--- go meet Rex in the heaven( fires his AR-15 and kills Lax too)

Accountant--- oh my gosh, oh my gosh

Customer--- Aaaaah God save me....

Max-- Iam the new leader.... (calls the 911)

3 years, 10 months ago
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scene- inside the store. time--- 5:50 PM.

Rex--- tik tik tik tik..... time's passing out. Only 10 minutes from the deadline. No calls from authorities about the plane and money yet. Die you f***ing hostages.

Store incharge--- It seems death is just ahead of us. huh(sad). I wanna call my wife. can I? atleast for god's sake.

Rex---okay. ( hands his phone to him)

Store incharge--- ( to his wife) Baby I am going to die today. I wanna say that ..... I love you..... as you have seen the news it isnt going to end peacefully.

Wife---(on the phone) Please dont die.....( cries)

store incharge-- okay. bye.... met you in your dreams.. ( ends the conversation. And gives the phone to Rex)

Accountant--- May God save us!! Are we gonna die ?

Rex--- ofcourse (smiles)

Max--- (to the accountant)You would be the first one to die you ******.

Lax--( prays to god for a better life in his next birth)

Max--- Stop praying.... It annoys me..

Accountant---- Well its god who can save us all.

Max--- god aint going to save you. You are gonna die. ASSHOLE!!!

Store incharge---( to Rex) Maybe you should say a goodbye to your family.

Rex--- sounds right. (Calls his mother)

3 years, 10 months ago
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scene -outside the shop. swat team is near the back door of the store. a sniper has been positioned on the roof top of an opposite building.

time--5:45 PM 15 minutes from the deadline.

news reporter- ladies and gentlemen. its a crucial time. only 15 minutes from the deadline. there's no hope that this can end peacefully. Thankyou reporting from downtown los angeles.

3 years, 10 months ago
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scene-- inside the shop . time -- about 5:00 PM

Rex ---( to the hostages in a exhausted and a defeated tone) We have been a part of a drug gang, selling illegal drugs from mexico. thats tthe way we used to live but soon they who were mostly mexicans, abondoned us. We didnt have money to live nor we could apply for jobs as we were we choose to rob and get out of here. Anyway haha past is past. its gone.

store incharge--- you should give up. go surrender.

Rex---Surrender? haha. not a gentlemen's choice. Iam gonna fight.

Max--- When's our jet plane gonna arrive?

Rex--- wait. gonna have to call that 911 again. ( calls the 911 for the jet plane)

911 dispatcher--ok . ok. we have talking about your demands. Plane's ready(lies about it) but not the money

Rex--- FOOL ! we want the ransom too. call me only if both are ready.

911 dispatcher--- We are doing the best we can.

Rex---( to lax ) looks like we've got the plane. But still we got to wait some more for the payment of the ransom.

Lax---Seems we are winning the game.

Rex-- ( to max) its 5:30 PM. The deadline is 6:00PM. pour the petrol throught the store. so that we stick to our words.

Max --ok. ( max empties a can of petrol pouring it throughout the store)

Lax-- (Reloads his pistol) Now were are ready for the battle. Its a cruicial time. we need to be alert. just half hour from deadline.

3 years, 10 months ago
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scene -- outside the shop. Swat vehicles arrive. medias were told not to film swat members near the store. time about 4:00 PM

swat officer---okay boys. we got 3 bad guys and two hostages plus we got a map of the store. we are gonna breach the back door of the store and then we are gonna divide in 3 teams each of 2 members. clear? teams are alpha, bita and gamma . clear? Hussey, you are gonna lead team alpha , Mike you are gonna lead team bita and i'm gonna lead team gamma. clear?

swat members--- roger that!

swat officer--- now all we have to do, is to wait for the green light.

3 years, 10 months ago
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Scene -- inside the shop. time about -- 3:00 PM ( i made a mistake it was 2:00 PM not 2:00 AM)

Rex--- (exhausted and sitting on a stool) Hey you ! Mr accountant. Gimme a coin. NOW!!!!

accountant---- here. ( gives a 1$ coin)

Rex--- i'm gonna toss it. if it lands head, then you die or if it lands tail then mr incharge's gonna die.

#Tosses the coin. It lands on head.

Rex--- Accountant, Its really a bad day for you. Max ! take him near the front glass of the store and make him stand as a human shield.

Max---ok ( does what he has been asked to do so)

scene--- outside the shop.

News reporter--- Ladies and gentlemen you can see that a person can been seen standing as a human shield in the front glass of the store. The situation has gone from worse to worst. Thankyou. Reporting from Downtown Los Angeles.

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scene -- swat team planning and tactical building

#The released customer is called on by the swat team officers for informations based on intelligence.

Swat officer--- so how many are of them ?

customer--- three.

swat officer--- what type of guns automatic , semiautomatic or pistols?

customer--- looks automatic guns.

swat officer---how many hostages?

customer-- 2 excluding me. both males.

swat officer--- can you draw the map of the store and the location of the hostages and their captors?

customer--- sure ( draws the map). the customer was allowed to leave.

swat officer--- okay boys get ready with your gears and guns. we are gonna take out some bad guys.

swat members--- ROGER THAT!!!!!

3 years, 10 months ago
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Rex --- look we've got some smg's and uzis. (looks at the store incharge) we are gonna kill you people with these.

store incharge----please dont kill me. i have a wife.

Rex--- Do you think i think that far?

Max--- Are they real?

Lax ---Test 'em.

Accountant---please dont test on us.

Rex---haha. dont worry. we are gonna test them on the cops .

Max-- (takes one smg and aims at one of the table, pulls the trigger, but couldnt fire a shot because it didnt had any bullets) Fuck!!! These are ammo-less weapons. where are the f***ing bullets? We lost a hostage for these f***ing guns?

Rex---Fuck . (Calls the negotiater again.)

Store incharge ---(laughs) going to kill us with toys?? haha

Lax--( to store incharge) shut up. we still got some guns.

Rex---(to 911 dispatcher) Fuck you! what the HELL HAVE YOU SENT US HUH? ITS ABOUT 2:00 AM NOW. IF THE NEXT THING THAT WE ASK FOR COMES OUT TO BE AMMO-LESS OR FAKE, IAM GONNA KILL EVERYONE. OKAY? CLEAR? FUCK YOU!!! ( spits on the phone and ends the conversation)

3 years, 10 months ago
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Rex---Are the ammunations ready? iam gonna release a hostage.

911 dispatcher-- Yeah. we are sending a sheriff stripped to underwear to supply you with your ammunations. clear?.


Rex--- (To the customer) GET UP!!!! You have been freed.

Customer--- Oh my gosh! Really?

Rex---Do you think we have time to crack jokes? Just move on You MORON!!!!

# an officer arrives with a duffle bag hands it to Rex and Rex releases the customer. The customer runs towards his freedom.

3 years, 10 months ago
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Soon the phone rings again. It's about 12:00 noon now. Rex picks up the phone.

911 dispatcher--- ok. stay calm i said you. Your gasmasks are ready.

Rex --- You fat prick. Did we say just masks? ( Rex fires two shots at the ceiling ). We demanded something else too. what about 'em?

911 dispatcher --- stay calm. stay calm. was anybody injured? if you want some ammunations too, we want a hostage to be released. But firstly we are giving you 3 gas masks in favour that you wont hurt a single hostage.

Rex ---nobody was injured. Okay? iam sending one of my men to recieve those masks.

Rex---(To Lax) Bring those masks now. Take the customer as a human shield.

Lax ---ok.

Lax ---(to the customer) time to smell some fresh air and gun powder. Stand up you ******.

# Lax steps out of the shop, takes the masks and comes back with the customer as human shield.

Rex---Good. Now we wont have to fear tear gasses.

Rex calls the 911 again, this time for ammunations.

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Rex---(to the hostages) wow. Say goodbye to freedom. haha. say welcome to death, blood and gory.

Lax ----Police have surrounded us what should we do?

Rex---Open fire if they approach towards the shop.


Max---(To Rex) when will they fulfill our demands?

Rex---Sooner or Later. The sooner, all lives , late then all die.

Accountant----Why the hell are you doing it? Why?

Rex---Shut your smelly mouth(whispering towards his ear and pointing his 9mm between his eyes).

#scene--outside the shop

News reporter---Ladies and gentlemen , 3 gunmen have taken 3 people as hostages inside the Lee's groceries. Their identity is unknown and the look quiet dangerous. Lets hope for the best. John Savage reporting from Downtown California.

#scene -- inside the shop

Rex---Are they assuming us to be kids with guns? why arent the authorities taking our demans seriously? Max, Fire the AR 15 towards the media, its gonna make the whole thing a serious issue.

Max---ok .

#Max fires his gun 11 times and one bullet hits the news van.

Hostages---Ooooo. Oh my Gosh!!!!

Police outside--- Ceasfire!!!!! Dont fire back. Innocent people at gunpoint!!!

News reporter outside----- wow! ( takes cover behind the news van ) ladies and gentlemen. The gunmen have opened fire on us. you can hear gunshots . The whole damn issue is going serious. Reporting from downtown california.

Rex---Good. Soon we will recieve our demands.

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Rex---( To the hostages) hey a bad day for you people isnt it? But soon its gonna be depending on how the negotiating team acts.

#Soon phone rings . Rex picks it up. Meanwhile police and media presence continues to build up.

911 dispatcher---what are demands?

Rex---we want 5million dollars , a jet, ammunations and gas masks.

911 dispatcher----wow! Looks a bit complicated. But will negotiate. Try to be calm as possible as you can.

Rex--- Evening's deadline. Its 9:00 AM now. We are gonna blow up the whole store if you dont act wisely.

3 years, 10 months ago

A story about SWAT TEAM and a hostage drama.

Fictional Story... Do not google it.

1996 Los Angeles, California.

Store incharge----Hey whats a good day today is!

Accountant----- Yes it is.

Customer------ whats the bill?

#Suddenly the main door swings open and 3 masked gunmen appear.

Masked gunman1----- Everybody on the floor (fires his AR-15)

#customers scream" Ooooooooo"

Masked Gunman 2---- (to the accountant) Gimme a phone now. And you GO BACK!!!!

#Masked Gunman 3 takes the customer, accountant and the store incharge as hostages and takes them to a room.

Masked Gunman 2--(Takes the phone and ironically he himself calls the police) hellooo iam Rex . Okay. This is an emergency call for you. Me and my friends have taken 3 peoole as hostages in the Lee groceries. We have some demands. Do it. Or they die.

911 Dispatcher--- Ok Ok..... Stay calm . We will try to figure it out.

Rex---( to gunman 1(max) ) place those shelves near the front glass of the store so that those ******s cant snipe us down. And Lax(gunman 3), tie up the hostages.

Lax ---ok.

to be continued.....

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well that's depressing though hopeful at the same time

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there are atleast 7 people throughout the world who are identical to you but arent related

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u can't lick ur elbow

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here we share amazing facts and ideas and stories and many more.

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