Diversity of races is good since there's no mixture

May 30, 2015, 12:10 pm

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Sorry for my delay. Here are the answers from your questions, I hope you can have a clearer vision of what I'm talking about. It's kinda superficial, though.

4 years, 11 months ago

What foods are available?

Every sort of food. We're poor but we're not lost deep inside the jungle. I think I didn't get your point in this question.

What's the quality and nature of the educational system?

It's simply ridiculous. Kids get their high school certification and all they know how to do is read, write and solve equations. Not even percentage they know how how to calculate. That makes many people spend a great amount of their money on private schools. There are different levels of quality among private schools, though. Universities however are exactly the opposite. Government spends some money on USP, and all the other public Universities are a bit jealous about it, but they also get their investment. When I say investment I mean 20K reais and obsolete equipment if you have a very good protect. Nothing compared to the millions USA may invest in a single research, for example, though. It's not everyone who's accepted by Universities, though, so government basically sets a lower score for black people to reach while all the other races participate in open competition. As the country is highly mixed, you don't need to be black, you just gotta say it and they'll accept it even if you're just half-black or dark-white.

What is the quality of medicine?

If you're rich, it's miraculous. If you're poor, hospitals feel like a WWII advanced post. Tons of people perishing in the corridors, bleeding and having convulsions while expecting for a nurse, never a doctor. Most patients die without seeing one. Doctors have to cope with lack of materials, infectious items and terrible conditions of the buildings they work in. It may take more than an hour for an ambulance to arrive and it's common to see people desperately shouting and yelling at the nurses in the hospitals. That's why so many Brazilians spend even even more of their money on expensive private services.

What services are commonly provided?

Well, I think you could already understand the conditions of education and medicine. Now that I stopped to think, I just realized that there's nothing else. Despite water and electricity, all the rest is private.

How common is poverty?
(Read the first question again)

4 years, 11 months ago

What is your cultural background?

Scientifically, I'm a mamluk. For my friends I'm white. For my relatives, I'm brown. Half of my family is a mix of multiple European nations and the other half is a mix between Europeans and Amerindians.

What is the environment like?

Chaotic. Society was abandoned by government about a decade ago and since then, government has only masked our social problems with unsustainable programs. Did you know that Brazilian students don't need to study to pass to the next grade? But why not you may ask and here's the answer: because the UN threatened to cut the investments to education because of the large amount of students being reproved in the exams, so Brazil simply prohibited schools of doing it. The UN's investments, however, goes to politicians pockets, of course. The lack of social responsibility and the fragility of economy have thrown society into a maze with no exit doors. Citizens see themselves surrounded by literally an army of criminals taking over the country, their money is robbed by every company, bank and service protected by the Estate, including the Estate itself and they're sinking in an ocean of debts as long as they depend on private services. A typical laborer gains about 5 reais/hour and the debts of most of them is high above 10K reais.

What are your industries producing and exporting?

The main wagon is still raw materials. Minerals, fruits, meat and food are still the center of Brazil's economy what makes many Lords and Barons of lands still rule some remote parts of the country, but government denies that and say that "Brazil is the country of future".

4 years, 11 months ago

Are you from Brazil? Or another miscegenationist nation?

Yes, I'm from Brazil.

What are the politics and economics like?

As well as Christians in Europe felt frustrated with their own religion after Protestantism and how the Catholic Church countered it, Brazilian politicians don't have a public spirit anymore. After the coup d'etat and the economic crisis that came after it, they're in the Congress and the Senate only defending companies, religious groups, or enriching themselves by stealing public money. People have tried many times to change this scenario by protesting, manifesting in the streets and promoting rebellions, but  police repress them violently and they are forced to step back. Vote is mandatory and there's not a single politician running for election with the ideal of governing to society, so people are forced to vote in the corrupt ones. Actually, all of them use this speech, but none of them really seek it.

How does the government approaches the miscegenationinst ideology?

They say "Racism is evil. Racism is a crime. Racists will burn in Hell. Brazil's most beautiful trademark is its mixture" and people fiercely seek this ideology, but some "purer" people prefer to preserve their original cultures. The state of Bahia, for example, preserves many aspects of African culture that had already been forgotten in Africa itself. In the other hand, Brazil's South is crowded of German and Italian descendants who refuse to abandon their original languages , traditions and celebrations and some Southern villages still look like 18th century's Europe.

Are they pushing homogeneity?

"Brazil, a country of everyone". No, they're pushing diversity.

Do you have many friends who feel culturally lost?

All of them. Some not-so-mixed people simply can't fit in the contry and I'm one of them. Most of the things that make the "large random hybrid" race laughs sounds just silly to me. Many of my friends agree with me that things like Carnival and Samba are disturbing, annoying and disgusting. All of my friends say things like "How can people like something so terrible like that?", "I'm so disappointed with Brazilian society", "I've lost all my hope in Brazil" and the classic "I gotta leave this country. Now." In the other hand, there are people who say "How come you don't like Samba?", "Our culture is so beautiful", "What are people like you still doing here?" and "How can these racists be Brazilians?"

4 years, 11 months ago
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I already got that when you said "I'm SOOOO impressed yadda yadda". And you were right to react that way. It'd be as if I walked up to an ex Spetsnaz operative and said "Yeah, I know a thing or two about fighting because I practice HEMA" which would provoke a similar "pfft, you don't know shit" response.

I don't live in a country with nearly as much cultural mingling as you do. So I ought to ask questions about your society, your experiences and your peers and in doing so relieve myself of some of my ignorance.

But you've got to be less frustrated and egotistical. You're not nearly as elegant and superior as you come off as thinking. I'm sure I come off at that way, but I've got evidence from my own experience on this app that I can step back and be self-critical. You haven't demonstrated that and consistently blame everyone else for not getting your point, while not actually responding to points with anything besides frustration.

4 years, 12 months ago

It is hard to have a meaningful debate when you automatically dismiss any arguments against your perspective. I made arguments counter to several of your claims, and you say that I simply don't understand. I have argued against your perspective on the esthetic, psychological and social grounds, but rather than respond you dismiss my posts entirely. I have also pointed out that many of your difference are cultural rather than race based, so dividing everyone along racial lines does not address the problem you are citing. I know you said you would respond to I_voyager's arguments later, so I withhold judgment until then but please, for the sake of this debate, stop disparaging people who have different views than you as not understanding. We do, we just disagree with your conclusions.

You have repeatedly referred to interracial children as a genetic mess (or other equivalent expressions) but not backing that up. When making a better species of plant or animal, there are two ways to do it. You are suggesting a selective breeding method of racial purity (I am paraphrasing). You say that this will reduce genetic problems and diseases and create a healthier population. I would suggest looking into other sources because by having children with another race it actually can increase the genetic health if the children (creating a hybrid). An example would be sickle cell anemia. Black people are far more prone to it, but if they have children with someone of a different heritage, it reduces the chances of their kids having it. Basically the kids have a risk for any condition that either heritage is prone to, but to a lesser degree.

4 years, 12 months ago


(It's in Portuguese, sorry)

And you guys should also check Jerry's reply. He was the only one who truly understood what I said and countered my opinion with a consistent argument.

If I delete it I'll do it because I feel like I've already spent too much energy in this debate for only one person really get my point, not because I committed any mistake.

I'll try to answer your questions later, Voyager, and the "ugliness issue" is not the biggest of my concerns. Actually, I'm not even worried about it, I just used it for you to have something equivalent to all genetic problems I listed in a way you would understand. It's hard, though, to relate a unique and hibrid race to the race I'm talking about (wich is basically a total random mess) because you have no contact with it. All you know are some superficial contact between two races like your "halfblood" friends and relatives. Nothing close to the bizarre centenary unrestricted mix of multiple races.

Racism is a bad thing, it's undeniable. Sociology calls it Social Defense Mechanism, though. It's up to you to decide if this harmful weapon could be used for cultural preservation or if it must simply be banned from society as if we lived in a binary world.

4 years, 12 months ago
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It's better to have the fortitude to own the memory of your mistakes then to retreat and delete.

Are you from Brazil? Or another miscengationist nation?

What are the politics and economics like? How does the government approach the miscengationist ideology? Are they pushing homogeneity?

Do you have many friends who feel culturally lost? What is your cultural background?

What is the environment like? What are your industries producing and exporting? What foods are available? What's the quality and nature of the educational system?

What is the quality of medicine? What services are commonly provided? How common is poverty?

I'd write more but my keyboard is f**king with me. You probably prefer it that way anyhow.

I don't think you're a racist. I'm just not convinced you're looking hard enough at the symptoms. I'm not sure miscengation can't work. Maybe the problem is in its implementation, or the influence of constraining factors from questions I mentioned above.

4 years, 12 months ago

The only person that said anything against you personally was Voyager, and I don't think he will comment again on this but if he does hopefully it won't be an unethical argument.

I understand where you're coming from. But what is ugly. We see people as ugly because they look different from other people. That is why people feel uncomfortable when around someone not like them. But if what you say did happen, then they would no longer be ugly. So it would kind of fix itself. For example, look at the book Frankenstein. The monster was rejected by people because he was ugly, and so to make him feel like he had a place in the world, he had Dr. Frankenstein make him a wife. If people from different races keep reproducing, then those mixed race people wont be ugly anymore.

And once again, could you please state a source that says people will look Brazilian in the future.

4 years, 12 months ago

I disagree with several several parts of your comments. Yes, part of it is that you refer to people of mixed heritage as ugly, but part is that I don't see the problem with people being of different heritages, and also that it is a social problem either for the individual or society. I also questioned your dividing people along racial lines, as race is not what determines culture. Instead of getting upset and defensive that I disagree with you, could you respond to my post?

If you object to people feeling that you are racist or xenophobic, making a post about what amounts to racial purity probably isn't a good idea. As soon as you start dividing the human race along racial lines, it seems racist by definition. I am not saying or implying that you are, I just want you to understand why people might think your opinion was.

4 years, 12 months ago

I'm seriously thinking about deleting this question. I've been talking about the cultural, social, genetic and aesthetic consequences of racial mixture I experience in my country and I defend the idea that all these consequences should be prevented in other countries before the whole world face this problems. However, someone starts attacking my point at the genetic's part and I focus on this aspect and then everyone thinks that I'm worried only about it. Then someone complains about my cultural reasons and talk about it. Now you're saying that I'm analyzing only the cosmetic consequences and I'm seriously getting tired of explaining my entire opinion over and over again.

I'd really like to listen to you guys and absorb some different points of view that could change my mind, but you're not even concentrating on the fundaments of my arguments, you're just concerned about "search and destroy" racists and just because I'm talking about races you have already labeled me of it.

I never said that black people should go back to Africa, or Arabians should stay at the Middle East, I'm just saying that as well as European countries controlled their population's birth rate in order to shrivel up the lowest classes, countries from the whole world should control their populations so they don't get so mixed up that they look like what Brazil is today.

And yes, I agree with what danielle said and I go further, not only the UK, but every country should control the traffic of immigrants, because as Jerry also said before, when miscegenation is restricted to a minority it's acceptable, but you won't like when it becomes a global problem.

4 years, 12 months ago

@wordspeller Do you have a source for those scientist that say the world's population will look like Brazilian people in the future?

To go against that, with all the war that is going on, do you really think that we will all converge into one culture? If something like that does happen, I don't think it would last long. It would turn into a civil war over land, or power or something to that affect because no country will want to be at the bottom, but every country will want to be at the top. Maybe not the whole country, but the leaders will. Then you also have to deal with the racist and all the racist people will start riots in places that are most populated by the race they are racist to. I don't think that one global culture mixed together with all the other will be happening anytime soon.

4 years, 12 months ago

So I've read the posts so far Wordspeller, and I have to say you really do sound xenophobic. I don't say that to be rude or insulting, but using race as a differentiating method does present that as one the most likely reasons. Why does anyone else's reproduction have any impact on you? If you consider other races ugly, don't marry into that race. You have repeatedly talked about people not knowing their roots, or being ugly, or looking in the mirror and asking who they are, but if your parents teach you about your heritage, why would having multiple heritages hurt?

Beyond that, dividing people by race seems like more of a cosmetic difference than anything else. England has a different heritage than France or Spain, but both are populated primarily by white people. Should people of different nationalities be banned from procreation, or is appearance the deciding factor?

4 years, 12 months ago

Congratulations Voyager, you know sooooo many "half-this", "half-that" I'm impressed how can a person be so tolerant as you, I'm in tears. I don't know if you realized yet, but I live in a country where there is not a predominant race. It means that everyone belongs to a different race, so your ability to make dark skinned friends doesn't impress me.

But you still didn't get my point.

Jerry is the one who's truly speaking my language here. When it's a minority there's no problem because your "half" people are just slightly different from their parents, but when it comes to a national level and with so many different races involved, it does become a problem.

Scientists say that world's population will look like Brazilian people in the future due to globalization and massive immigration and that's what I'm afraid of.

Let's take the UK as an example. I think danielle is the best person here to describe what's going on over there. British people are losing their identity because of the amount of immigrants in the country and the way they are treated by government and society. Until the end of the century there will be no difference between a British and an Indian. Everyone will belong to a hibrid race and India will be so crowded of "half-white" people as the UK will be crowded of "half-brown" ones.

All cultures will converge into a single global culture and you will look at your relatives and countrymen as strangers as well as I do. You're gonna visit a neighbor city to learn about their exotic culture because they're like aliens for you. You're gonna participate in African rituals because you find them interesting and moreover because your grandfather is black and he worships African Gods. You're gonna enjoy fighting kung fu and drinking beer while listening to folk music because your mother is half-japanese and your father's family comes from Ireland.

And then you'll look at yourself in a mirror, with your green slanted eyes staring at your red hair that falls over your kinda-yellow skin and at the top of your 1.80 meters of height and 65 kg of weight you shall think "what the f*** am I?"

4 years, 12 months ago
replied to...

I get it. You're not stating cultures shouldn't interact or exchange culture. You're arguing that evolution has divided the races too far off from each other and that breeding is dangerous.

Again, being from Canada, in close proximity to Toronto (where 150 languages are spoken) I can only say I haven't seen what you've seen.

My half-Filipino cousin is a smart, normal person and a talented artist.

An old love-interest of mine (which went nowhere :( ) was half-Indian. She graduated university. She had no different personality traits from any of my friends. Fit right in with a group of non-Indians. She was raised by her white mother.

I knew two Pakistani guys, one who was raised here from 2 and one who immigrated over for university. Completely different personalities. Between Toronto and Innisfil there is a certain relaxed behavior that Assahn had that Ahmed did not have, because Ahmed was Pakistani and Assahn is Innisfilian.

I've known half-black and fully black people too. The one half-black woman I knew liked metalcore and dirtbike racing. Very cute, spunky girl. Totally normal, if not cool. The half-black guy I knew at school was gay. Normal otherwise.

I don't know where you come from, but your next step is to demonstrate how the tiny, tiny genetic variation between different races an actually produce harmful mutations more often than helpful ones. I would argue that the greater the genetic diversity, the greater the chance of mutation. In another debate you said chaos is growth. Yet you have a hard time accepting the consequences of entropy. You need to step back and re-evaluate your positions.

4 years, 12 months ago

@Wordspeller I understand your points. It would have helped if you had stated that earlier but now that you made them more clear I understand what you mean now. I think that what you should be trying to do is stop people from multiple races having kids in and around where you live. I have a few friends who are white and are married with a black lady and their kids are not ugly. I live in America and around here they look like any other ordinary person. From what I have seen, the only place where it really is a problem is where you are. The reason why I see it as a problem only where you are is because, everywhere else, it's a minority. There are very few mixed races marriages in America. But I don't think that the mixed marriage should not happen, I think it might be the having kids with another race. They can always adopt a child. But if two people love each other, then why should it be wrong for them to get married if they are of different races?

4 years, 12 months ago

it's okay you didn't offend me, I know it's hard when your trying to make a point and you pretty much get eaten alive

4 years, 12 months ago

I'm sorry if I offended you, danielle, but this discussion is the worst I've ever had, I feel like I can't make a statement that people will understand clearly

4 years, 12 months ago

It's like, TV tells you all the time to don't mind if a person is black or white and when I come up talking about skin colors people already think I'm racist without trying to comprehend what I'm saying. It's like putting the words 'God' and 'past' in the same phrase, people won't even pay attention to what you're really saying, they just don't want you to talk about their God when talking about the past.

4 years, 12 months ago

Sorry for the outrage, though. I'm just sensing that you guys are trying to paint me as a xenophobic racist, which I'm not.

4 years, 12 months ago

Holly crap, when will you f*cking understand, I'M NOT DEFENDING APARTHEID, I'm just saying that people shouldn't copulate with people from other races because miscegenation SUCKS. It IS NOT the same as multiple races coexisting in the same place. Damn.

4 years, 12 months ago

hang on a minute word speller you said right down the bottom you dont want to be bombarded with more and more immigrants and you just had a go at me on another debate when I said there should be more controls on place to try to reduce the amount of immigrants

4 years, 12 months ago

It's the same as a crossover between a horse and a zebra.

4 years, 12 months ago

I think you didn't get my point. I didn't say that I'm defending a total segregation between races. What I said was that races shouldn't be mixed. It doesn't mean that people from different races can't live in the same place or do the same things, it only means that they shouldn't have interracial kids.

Look at the picture through Evolution's glasses. A Nordic person, for example, should never be allowed to have a baby with a Black person, once the Nordic is adapted to live in glacial zones while the Black is totally adjusted for hot and dry weather. Put them together and the results will be catastrophic. Do that for generations and you'll truly understand the meaning of ugly, because what is ugly for you in Canada isn't ugly for me in Brazil, but what is ugly for me in Brazil is undeniably ugly for everyone else.

Sometimes I feel like I'm in Mos Esley Cantina (from Star Wars) where all races meet each other. When I visit a neighbor city I feel like visiting another contry. You can't compare your experience with mine because you know people from many different locations, where Miscegenated people are slightly different from their parent's race, while I live in a place where people are absurdly different from each other in such a way that you can't set a standard.

You may not think Arabians are beautiful, but they're all like one another, so they can create their own beauty standard and export many top models to the world. In Brazil it simply doesn't exist. That's what I'm trying to explain. Brazilian people are, like, a guy wants to marry a woman. He descends from white people, black people, Arabian people and amerindian people. The woman, however, descends from Indian people, Jewish people, Asian people, Filos and Slavs. Imagine how will this baby look like. It's gonna be terrible and I'm not saying "I suppose it's gonna be terrible", I'm saying "it is gonna be terrible" because I see it happening all the time.

Beauty is not the only thing affected as you are saying. There are far more monstrous problems that you're not considering such as growth chart, hormonal production, adaptation to climate, reaction to local nature, not talking about the genetic problems this mixture can cause. That's why I told you to look at the picture through Evolution's glasses, it's because you gotta understand that a person whose ancestors passed the last five thousand years living in glacial zones should never have a decedent with someone who's adapted to hot places.

4 years, 12 months ago
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I wonder which country you're from? I'm from Canada. I live an hour north of Toronto. I've lived and worked there part of my life. Between here and there I've met many people of many races and cultures, including half-breeds. I find no evidence to support the belief that members of different races are somehow genetically more pure than members of just one race. I've met just white people in highly white towns who were morbidly obese, offensively ugly, misshapen and disabled. Now that I think of it I don't think I've met any half-breed people with significant problems one way or another.

But in fact I've liked more immigrants and people of color than I've liked white folk. I find them usually more interesting to talk to.

The trends I find usually have nothing to do with race, but lifestyle and embraced political or sub-cultural ideals. Anyone who spends too much time at a dance bar seems boring. Nerds are fun. Metalheads are great. Hiphip folk are variable from annoying to interesting. Religious people abound in multi-cultural and highly white areas. Your personal experience doesn't explain my personal experience.

Can you fill in the gaps between our perception? Or maybe you trust your sense of psychology too strongly?

4 years, 12 months ago
replied to...

Ad hominems are not philosophically sound, but when they express my true emotion then it is fine as my self-expression is an ethical priority. I don't regard this as an academic place, even if it is a place of debate. We should pursue good conversations. But I'm no Buddhist and I still resent this guy for his manner in another discussion. Meanness is not universally immoral. Fury and rage are viable human emotions.

4 years, 12 months ago

I disagree with you Wordspeller. I live in a country full of diversity where we are not separated. It's amazing, I'll tell you why.

1) Genetic Diversity. I don't think your point on this is true. There's a reason why we don't encourage incest. Because, scientifically, as the parents have more similar characteristics, there is a high chance that they will inherit the negative genes. This follows true with genetic diversity. When you pair up people with completely different genes, the child will inherit the positive genes of both parents, therefore, utilising the best of both worlds.

2) Cultural Diversity. Now, this is where I really disagree. I think you agree diversity is good. But what's the point of diversity when you don't allow anyone to enjoy it. I love other cultures and I think a lot of people do as well. I believe the examples that you talk about are not caused by diversity but because of the ingrained culture. And that's totally unrelated to diversity. In my country, I am able to enjoy and partake in other traditions that are exclusive to particular cultures. Mixture in fact, helps this. Because we can mix these cultures and traditions, bringing forth even more diversity.

3) Racism and problems. I don't believe this will happen with mixture. When I I am willing to have a partner of a different race, that in itself is already against racism. I would even say mixture often brings progress to society because it is a direct attack against racism.

4 years, 12 months ago

First off, America is a free country. It was founded so that people of every race and country could live together and be free together. Kicking all of but one race out of the US would mean that America is no longer a free nation.

Secondly, terrorism would not decrease at all if you separated the races. It would increase. Because then people would try to take out all the other races and it would go from terrorism to war very quickly. You cannot declare war on a small group of terrorist. But if some people from one race were to do something, the rest of the race would also get blamed for it. Therefore starting a world war where it's every race for themselves.

All white people are not Christians. There are Buddhist, evolutionist, new age, etc. that include people from many different races. White people can dance and sing and fight just as good as black people (just look at Jackie Chan ). and white people also play with black magic. Black people can also be Christians. No one religion is only meant for one race.

One race is not better than the other. We are all people. And we are all equal. This does not only apply to Christians. The only people who say they are better than all other races, that I know of, are Muslims.

Let's just picture for a second that all the races were divided. What about the people who want to see the world? Can they go and visit those places and see the sites? No. Or else the races would not be divided anymore. So then people who love adventure and want to see the world would not be able to.

What about Asians? Are they considered white? Or are they a race of their own? Because people call them a race and if there really were three fundamental races, I would say Asian first, then white, and finally black. Those are the three races with the biggest population, but as I said before, everyone is still a person and no race is better than other.

4 years, 12 months ago

Sorry, I think I didn't understand, can you be more clear?

4 years, 12 months ago

Let's put it simply there would have been no 9 11 if this had taken place ages ago and would we be suffering due to terrorism no.

4 years, 12 months ago

I hope you now understand that I'm not "just stating meaningless crap", I'm stating my point based on my experience. It's wonderful for me the black race, the Indians, the Chineses, the Arabians, the Norwegians, but when you put them all together then you see the meaningless crap.

4 years, 12 months ago

That's why I'm saying I think people should live segregated. Christians would be white and they'd live their culture like arts, music, cinema and etc. Black people would belong to their million different religions and they'd live under their own habits such as fighting Capoeira, dancing, singing and playing with their black magic. Pardo people would worship the spirits of nature and they'd still doing their rituals and communal parties that they like so much.

These are only the three fundamental races, but there are many others. Now that all these races are mixed, people who should like doing all of those cultural manifestations I've mentioned, but actually they don't want to do none of them because everything sounds exotic instead of familiar.

4 years, 12 months ago

Man is a product of his environment. I think I'm already getting annoying for talking so many times about my environment.

I live in a place where multiple races met each others and mixed all up without any sort of segregation, so I know what I'm talking about. It's not only a mix of black and white, there are way more races involved and the results are a bit scaring.

Genetically speaking, it's a complete disaster. Starting by people's adipose tissue that reaches a middle-term between thin and fat with localized fat under the arms and around the thighs and thin muscular structure with small chest and pulses. This, however, is a single random type I'm describing you, people can actually be far more bizarre than that. Genetic disorders and diseases are common. Cockeyed people and women with facial hair are seem as normal and syndromes are part of almost every family. Metabolism goes crazy when you mix for instance a German gene with an aboriginal one. Germans are usually tall while indians are exactly the opposite, so sometimes a child can be taller than an adult, or can stop growing at the age of 14. Lack of hormones may happen very often. People's skin and sweat glands may react badly to climate changing and and I'm avoiding to talk about skin colors that sometimes result in some dalmatians.

Culturally speaking, things go even worse. People get confused when they try to manifest all their background cultures and a huge example of that is Carnivals. People go naked on the streets, dancing and partying and singing songs with sexual themes, they drink, use drugs, have sex with random people without caring about their husbands and wives, they commit immoral acts in front of children and after the festival is over they all promise to the Christian God that they'll purify themselves from their sins by not eating meat until Easter's holiday (like WTF).

Analyzing the social aspect of racial mixture it's also full of problems. Miscegenated people usually have their own particular skin color and it doesn't matter how dark is their skin, if they find someone darker they're gonna be racists with that person. It ends up like a cast system, because historical racism justifies why people's skin get darker when you go down to the lowest layers of society. As if racism wasn't already enough, another phenomenon happens: the upside down racism that basically is when a lower class hates an entire higher class because of how government treat them.

4 years, 12 months ago

Voyager that was just plain mean. I understand where wordspeller is coming from, but I think that now in today's society it just could not happen. You did not need to say things like that to get your point across. Not everybody is perfect, I know that, but when you are on an app to where to post something you have to press the post button first, you can read through your post to make sure that it is not coming across as being mean. We want to keep arguments ethical, and about the topic at hand, not about the person himself.

4 years, 12 months ago
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I'm culturally enriched by exploring other cultures. I've had friends from other races. And I've found a lot of white people annoying, to be honest. I don't see the benefit in segregating people based on imaginary differences. The advantages argued for are purely supposed. You're just stating meaningless crap.

4 years, 12 months ago

actually now I fully understand your point of view which is good but,

what would are society be now if there had been giant walls built between nations..I just don't want to know and what are you stopping other than cultural progress maybe racism but there will be racists against religions.

5 years ago

Countries which populations are totally white, black, yellow or any other race should be preserved instead of bombarded with more and more immigrants.

5 years ago

Yeah, I understand how unpractical it is nowadays, but I'm saying that it'd be better if we kept that British racial division that used to incentive the cultural development of the separated races.

5 years ago

but surely this would create a hatred between the groups, who is going to choose which group gets the best land e.t.c there are so many impracticalities and I understand your not being racist but what about kids with parents of different races does that child go into a separate group or does one parent take the child from the other, who would choose.

5 years ago

Yes, that's what I'm saying. I know it sound like Apartheid, but since there's no conflict among the separated races like racism or extermination groups it'd be good if people were divided by race.

5 years ago

wait so you are saying it would be good if we separated every race and sectioned them off or something?

sorry if I misunderstood

5 years ago

Yeah, I know there's mixture, but I'm saying that it'd be good if there wasn't

5 years ago

There's mixture.

5 years ago
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