Do kids really need the latest phones today

October 4, 2015, 2:28 pm

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Again the social media stuff is left to the parents to control. they can set limits on how much data, or time the kids use on Facebook and twitter. My parents were more strict and didn't allow me to have these things, but I still got a smartphone, I did not need it, all I needed was a simple phone with GPS and ability to call people. I took the phone, and my parents let me have freedom with it, I downloaded apps, played games, I only got almost no data so when I was away from home I could not go online.

4 years ago

they don't need the latest phones. all they need is a phone that has a GPS signal and the option to call home, their parents, the police, and or a secondary point of contact. kids should be more worried about playing outside and furthering the development in social skills when face to face with people not tweeting and face booking about every minute of every day

4 years ago

They need smartphones for GPS and reliability, but the newest version. no one needs that. a iPhone 3 is good enough for kids these days. I'm not against kids having the latest I'm saying we don't need it.

4 years ago

Yes I believe kids should have smartphones. This way we can install a GPS on them and find out exactly where they are at all times.

4 years ago
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