Do you agree with the circumcision of Chase Ryan Nebus-Hironimus

June 7, 2015, 1:47 am

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This case has received a great deal of press lately and, since there is a wide range of perspectives on this site, I wanted to see what people think.

For those who are not familiar, Chase is a 4 year old boy whose parents signed a parenting agreement when he was born making his father responsible for scheduling and paying for his circumcision. This was never done until he was around 3,when his father decided to do so. His mother by this time had done some research on circumcision and decided that she did not want her some to undergo it.

They fought a legal battle with a state judge siding with the father and ordering the mother to either sign the consent form, or go to jail for contempt of court. She fled to a shelter for abused women, and was in hiding there for several months. She eventually was jailed and only released after 90 days in jail when she signed the consent.

I apologize if I have missed or misquoted anything, but the app has crashed 3 times while referencing to write this, so I don't want to leave to verify and have it crash again. If I missed any important details, or have something wrong, please correct me.

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