Do you support our military why or why not

June 7, 2015, 3:59 pm

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Whose military? I'm Canadian.

I think highly of individual soldiers with an ethic. I admire the fighting spirit. I appreciate the challenge of strategy. But I think generally badly of whole military's. I think the ethic which underlies low-level military action (tactics, soldiers, etc...) is not often aligned with the higher level ethic (governments, brass, strategists, etc...) Thing is, my opinion varies from military to military as well. I'm more supportive of Canadian military ethics than American military ethics. I'm almost wholly non-supportive of the American military, though to re-enforce my opening statement I've met marines I like and trust. I'm worried for any country in which the American has decided to fight, but Canadian decision to position troops in a hot-zone leaves me less worried. It's our assassins and black-ops which troubles me more than our army.

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