Does trump look like pig

July 2, 2016, 8:09 am

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and I don't want a person that thin skinned representing me on the world stage. that sort of temperament is unheard of in non heriditary leadership roles.

4 years ago

Even he's stating bad arguments and never made any policy doesn't make him look like a pig. There's no biological similarities of Trump as a normal human and a pig. You should accept people's thought rather than comparing to something. Trump is not like a pig, and will never be. Just like us

4 years ago
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lol. the statement about his fingers was a reference to a joke which opened with the statement that "those are perfectly normal looking human fingers" but since he was so thin skinned about it he had to defend his fingers, (and a mention of his penis) on national TV during a presidential debate, his atrociously tiny stubby fingers have become a pressing issue.

4 years ago

It makes me really sad that our evolution hasn't been useful when it comes to logic. A Gorilla is a supermodel right?.

4 years ago

Is the best way to go after a candidate his looks? If so, Hillary Clinton looks like a penguin in her pantsuit, and looks like one even more when she waddles. Trump does not look like a pig. He looks like a human. His fingers are not stubby, but they are chubby. Who honestly cares?

4 years ago

there is nothing pig like about his short stubby little fingers.

4 years ago
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