Donald Trump let Russia fight isis in Syria Agree or disagree

October 3, 2015, 9:34 am

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Back to the original question...What did Donald Trump do? How did he "let" this happen when he has no political power?

4 years ago

Every part of that was rediculous. Firstly that you have no problem with a tyrannical dictator bombing his own people. even if you don't about innocent people being murdered, it is creating a huge refugee problem that the rest of the world has to deal with. the only way to stop that is to get Asad out and some kind of government in that aren't mass murderers. secondly the idea that Russia would attack ISIS with nuclear weapons instead of us. there is a 0% chance of Russia using nuclear weapons on the west. it is not a war they could hope to win, or even survive. so saying that is just ignorant. and they would never use nuclear weapons in Syria (their ally). and if they did we would have to try to stop them which could trigger that war you're worried about. so no part of what you said is a good thing.

4 years ago

As long as we are not being attacked I'm good with that. Russia will be attacking ISIS with their nuclear weapons and not pointing them at us.

4 years ago

If they were fighting ISIS it might be fine. but the evidence so far is that they are bombing all the enemies of the Asad regime. and since ISIS has the most territory, money, and manpower, they are strengthening Isis's position. if the other opposition groups are destroyed then ISIS will be the only opposition to an evil, corrupt regime. Which is exactly what Russia wants. if ISIS is the only faction fighting Asad then the west can't complain when Asad wins the civil war (with massive Russian help) because ISIS is evil. and Russia will successfully protect a dictator who has killed more of his own people than the rebels have.

4 years ago
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