Each phone call made from a public phone should be recorded

April 30, 2014, 6:51 pm

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Nobody cares if you are cheating on your wife and you are using the public phone to call a prostitute.

Nobody cares if you are buying marijuana ilegally and you are using the public phone to call your drug dealer.

Here is how it works:
You make the call and a human being listens to the call and clasifies it as irelevant or crime in progress.

If you consider all the calls currently being made from public phones all over the country you would need to hire a million people just to listen and classify the calls and that would reduce unemployment substantially.

Obviousy we would raise prices for all calls made from public phone to pay for this.

Most calls last just 3 minutes or less which means you can classify at least 20 calls per hour.

This will be a minimum wage job and very easy.

If you pay $6 per hour that means $0.10 per call. Not a big deal for any public phone customer.

If your phone call is classified as irelevant then the call is erased from the database within the hour.

5 years, 10 months ago

Phone call from public phone should not be recorded. It will ruin people’s privacy if that really happens. We will not feel comfortable anymore to make a phone call from public phone because everything we say will recorded. The government has to do something about it. There should be a regulation that strictly forbids the recording process in a public phone.

5 years, 10 months ago

I think each person calling from a payphone shouls identify himself or herself first to a computer before you can connect with somebody else.

I would be very interested in the calls made from a public phone to another public phone.

I think the number of calls made from public phones should be systematically reduced until we can monitor all communications between criminals.

For example, if a 80 year old nice lady is using the public phone to call his grandson each week then she should get a landline for free in order to reduce the calls made by this person each year from 52 to 0 and focus on the rest of the relevant calls.

5 years, 10 months ago
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