Electronic devices are ruining us

March 12, 2015, 9:40 am

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The way some people use electric devices is destructive, but the devices themselves can be a huge benefit.

Almost everyone has a cell phone at this point, and while there are problems associated with cell phone use, there is also far greater benefits. We always have cameras to capture important moments, and a way to get help in an emergency. We have resources to look up important information no matter where we are. Whether it is how to change a tire on a car, whether or not the snake that just bit you is poisonous, or at what point should you go to the hospital for a fever. We have an amazing wealth of knowledge available literally at our fingertips. We can reach out to people across the world and learn their perspective on subjects (like on this app) or we can find connections to local people experiencing the same things we are for support. .

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