Evolution beautifully ties everything we have found in biology into a single logical process

April 25, 2017, 2:29 pm

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I just said how fossils, along with DNA, carbon dating, and countless other proofs are secondary to the steady progressive advancements of life and their internal functions as the greatest proof of evolution.

why would you counter a point I was mostly dismissing instead of tackling the meat of my argument? it is quite convenient to counter the point you WANT to counter, but that just shows signs of desperation.

3 years, 2 months ago
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We have lots of fossils because there are certain conditions that make fossilization more likely. Things that live in those conditions are more likely to become fossils. Shellfish live in the mud at the bottom of bodies of water. That means they are more likely to be covered in layers of sediment. They also have hard shells that resist decomposition. That is why we see lots of fossils of shellfish. Fish are softer and decompose, but they can settle to the bottom and be covered in sediment, so we still see lots of fish fossils. Land animals are less likely to fossilize since layers of sand and mud rarely cover them quickly enough. Exceptions exist where volcanoes erupted and covered a large area in ash, killing and covering many creatures. Other times, they might stumble into quicksand or something else that let's them be fossilized. It is similar to the belief that there shouldn't be any two people from the same family in a graveyard because there are so many people in the world, and so many graveyards, that they should almost never be near each other. You are overlooking basic factors that make it vastly more likely.

Some species go extinct rather than evolving because they went extinct. That seems pretty self explanatory. Evolving means many generations gradually adapting. If everyone dies, there is no new generations. That's like asking why a family that died stopped having kids.

These are questions that are easily answered by looking into the subject. If you honestly believe evolution is so flawed as to be debunked without research, why do you think no scientist has done so? The person who proves evolution wrong will be famous, providing they are right. The same way same way Freud, Pavlov, and Maslow are all famous for their successive theories on psychology, whoever gives a better model of life that they can back up will go into the history books alongside Darwin. Lots of researchers spend their lives trying to accomplish this feat, so why has no one managed it?

3 years, 2 months ago

Fossils aren't really evidence fore evolution. If fossilization is so rare and there are so many transitional forms, why do we have so many fossils of the same kind of animal? Why isn't every fossil a different transitional form? Also, why is it that in the fossil record we see species completely go extinct instead of gradually like evolution suggests?

3 years, 2 months ago

this chronological advancement doesn't only show up in the complexity of species but also every internal component of them.

fossils, carbon dating, DNA are all secondary evidence for evolution. the steady chronological increase in complexity is the greatest single proof of evolution.

if a god does exist, he could work through evolution, but if he does not, then we would not see this highly order chronology. he would just snap and everything would be as he desired. unless he wanted this adaptable system, which would also make sense. +1 evolution.

if a god doesn't exist, then there is absolutely no alternative no evolution.

3 years, 2 months ago

the closer you look inside the more it makes sense.

we are built around a core organ system, the digestive system, which organizes itself around the alimentary canal, that tube that stretches from the mouth, to our anus. it is the most basic feature of our bodies. the heart, the brain, the lungs, none of that would matter if we could not do the most fundamental aspect of life, ingestion and digestion.

this canal is UNIVERSAL amongst all animals more complicated than a sponge. fish, birds, reptiles, insects, even worms (which are pretty much just the canal surrounded by a muscle) have this basic feature.

the canal gave a distinct advantage in food processing efficiency, a major advantage in survival, and it's not hard to imagine developing a simple inner tube like a worm to keep food, and nasty digestive enzymes away from delicate tissue. every advanced animal came from the animals that developed it and all have the canal. and just like you would expect, with time species added on (never restarting with a new path). simple stretching or wrinkling of that same tube differentiated stomachs from intestines and large intestines from small, and a pouch like colon for storage. than they developed accessory organs like the spleen, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, etc. and this advancement is directly in line with the chronology of species with newer species having increasingly complex, and efficient, versions of that same old structure.

3 years, 2 months ago
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