Feminism shouldn't be a thing it should be natural

July 5, 2014, 2:08 pm

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the idea that a group of people should be treated equally shouldnt be natural?

the wage gap is pure numbers, how do you make that up? they either make similar numbers or they dont.

3 years ago

If you think indoctrination is okay along with man hating that is fine. But saying a idea should be natural to people that because of victim complex just shows how feminists believe in forcing people into their groups and its incapability of making clear logical argument. Adopting an idea should be peoples choice and shouldn't be forced on them for the agenda and personal bias of someone else idealistic view of the world. People must have freedom of choice and feminism loves to make things natural to people by forcing it down their throats with the person unable to refuse. Example forcing the false idea of the wage gap and indoctrinating it into the students of universities. Its quite sad really it needs to rely on indoctrination because it cant make logical arguments nor has facts and statistics.

3 years ago
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