Girls spend more money than boys

February 6, 2018, 7:01 am

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There are facts for this issue you know. It's not much of a matter for debate

1 year ago

Actually speaking boys spend hell out of money on girls. Starting from travelling to dinning and restaurants and petrol, diesel , gifts etc. So when you look at this boy spends a lot of money on his girlfriend

1 year ago
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my girlfriend took all of my hard earned money. I 'm just a soldier in the Colombian Army. Im just a common man. I think there should be a limit on how much a girl can spend.

1 year ago

are you taking about discretionary spending only? because women do have many more toiletries, accessories, make up, and skin care products. and when many of their social expectations and careers revolve around maintaining a look, it isn't always an option, so yes women do have more expenses.

but if your talking about unnecessary spending, it's impossible to tell.

1 year ago

I don't think you can really generalize. my fiancee spends more than I do. but I have a friend who spends his money as fast as he makes it and his fiancee is much more fiscally responsible.

1 year ago

i desegree girl that has been matured is wise

1 year ago
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