HAARP is a godlike powerful weapon that shouldn't be used to manipulate world's economy

May 31, 2015, 8:40 am

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HAARP is a research station in the sub-arctic. I doesn't cause earthquakes, tsunamis or large weather systems, so it is not responsible for destroying the coast of Japan.

Basically what they do is push radio waves into the atmosphere to see how it reacts, and use the research to understand how to better shield communication systems and such from interference from natural radiation(better GPS, satellite that doesn't cut out in storms, etc) . There are other applications to the research, but none of them cause earthquakes or mind control (another common conspiracy theory about the facility is that it blasts mind control waves into the atmosphere).

HAARP is an American facility (not Russian) that has attracted a lot of conspiracy theories because it is hard to understand what they do.

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It's very dangerous. Yes?

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It's funny how you gather information about a subject and then goes away without discussing it xD you've already done this in four of my qestions

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OK cool. Thanks;

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It's a climatic weapon that can change the course of masses of air, cause tsunamis, earthquakes and control the rain.

It's believed that Russians used it to unstabilize America's plantations in order to shake its economy. It's also believed that when Americans were developing their own HAARP they accidentally caused a tsunami that destroyed great part of Japan's coast.

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May I ask what HAARP is?

5 years, 1 month ago
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