Heterosexual White men are discriminated the most now

June 3, 2016, 11:45 pm

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there is a anti white culture coming up. I've noticed it recently in comedy routines, but white people still by far face no discrimination on the job, in courts, economically, or in the vast majority of social situations. (no automatic assumptions that your gonna try to steal, etc)

we need to stand up to this racist, anti white culture cropping up in the comedy world. (Chris Rock riped black people apart in his routines, but he is black, if a white guy did that, it would be hell. however everybody likes to crack a few white guy jokes. I am not a fan of double standards)

but to say that we face general discrimination, or even real oppressive discrimination, or the title of most discriminated.... now your just crying and making a pathetic scene. like scrapping your knee and running to the er acting like you broke a bone. exaggeration never helped a movement.

there is a SMALL, and inconsequential anti white sentiment growing in entertainment. we must stand up to it and point it out before it does grow out of control, but don't make a mountain out of an anthill cause as of now, this is not real, your life is meaningless, discrimination like Indians and minorities who had no chance in our system for decades (before that just lol, who cares about dem coloreds) it's not even comparable. the wording of this thread made me embarrassed of some members of my race.

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