Hey dalton is counter strike global offensive a good game

August 31, 2016, 1:25 am

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There is no plot like in COD. It is a competitve based FPS you play with others. It is 5v5 and there are two teams CT, counter terrorist, and T, terrorist. You have to plant the bomb on either bombsite A or B if you are a terrorist. If you are a CT, you have to stop the terrorist from doing so and you have to defuse the bomb if they plant. If the terrorist eliminated the enemy team or they plant the bomb and it detonates, they win. If the CT eliminates the enemy team or they successfully defuse the bomb, they win. It requires tremoundous amounts of teamwork to do so on both sides and you typically have to work together using voice chat.

The mechanics are quite simple. You have an inventory, which contain all your skins. Everybody pretty much has the same type of guns like AK-47s and MP7s. The only difference in the inventories among people are their skins which can range from a few cents to $500 for a single skin for a single rifle. You do not necessarily have to buy skins to get good skins. You can play for a long time and get cool skins as you get better and then you can sell such skins onbthe market place. CSGO is really the only game you can profit off of. The weapons, incliduding different skin variations, is called your loadout and you choose you loadout before you play a match.

When you are in a match, there is a buy system. It is not like COD where you have clases. You have to buy your weapon with the money you earn in the match by defusing, killing, winning, losing, and planting. They are all different amounts of money you obtain. Don't worry, you will always get your favorite gun with in the 2 or 3 round. Whereas, getting kevlar, grenades, and autos in one round is a different story. That is where strategy comes in. I can literally go on and on, but I believed I answered you question. Do you have any more as I would be happy to answer them. :D

3 years ago
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explain me the game plot.

3 years ago

Yes, it is a great game. I play it all the time. I will explain it if you just ask me what you want to know.

3 years ago
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