Home schooling is usually not a good idea

August 2, 2014, 5:19 am

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On the contrary, some homeschool charters will pay your child to learn a sport. A little info on me; I was private schooled from K-6. After I graduated 6th grade my parents couldn't afford to send me to that school due to lack of funds. My mother refused to send me to public school in fear of not getting the education she wanted for me. Since she is a stay-at-home mom she was able to homeschool my two sisters and I. Enough about me and on to the subject at hand. I homeschool through Visions in Education and since they pay your child to learn a sport that gives them the ability to both exercise and SOCIALIZE. Most students find a sport that they enjoy and end up going almost every single day. These students usually end up as some of the best in their field. Granted yes, the lack of socialization every single second of the day is not there, but after a student plugs into a sport or even activity (yes they can pay for that too) the need for constant socialization is not missed.

5 years ago

Your child gets friends at rral school.

5 years ago

Yeah, it is right. You can’t get so many friends like if you are going to a traditional school. You will feel so lonely if you just study all time in your house and never learn so many big things that you can get in a traditional school. It will be very awful for me if I should have home schooling.

5 years, 6 months ago

Home schooling has its advantages and disadvantages. One giant drawback is the lack of socialization with peers. Friendships aren't forged, life lessons are missed. While a child can still obtain an education, they miss out on lessons that can be gleaned from having a variety of educators. It can be good for children with sensory issues that cannot tolerate the traditional classroom setting.

5 years, 6 months ago
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