How can i end gaming piracy

January 21, 2017, 10:21 pm

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the best way to end piracy is to make not pirating extremely easy and not too expensive.

for example, Netflix killed a lot of money piracy by making it 10 bux a month for convenient easy access to tons of stuff.

pirating is a lot of work, you can get low quality garbage, wrong movie/game, or viruses. make the legit easier and people will go there no problem.

another issue is income inequality. of people don't have anyone after working and paying all the bills, they will pirate. and that piracy doesn't hurt the devs since these people weren't gonna give money they didn't have anyway. and since this isn't physical product they had to pay to reproduce, they don't take a loss, just lose out on some gain.

of course if large portions of the population fall into this category the devs will be in big trouble, but no more than every other aspect of our economy.

2 years, 8 months ago

The easiest answer is, don't pirate games, but if you're asking the question you probably already don't.

The problem with using the illegal downloads as a metric for lost income is that not all of them would have downloaded it if it were not free. Many people will pirate a game they would never have paid for. So while they are enjoying it without supporting the dev, the dev hasn't actually lost potential income. I have occasionally done this when a game reviews badly and I am not sure if it's worth buying. If it has a legitimate demo, I will try that. If not I might download it, try it, and if I do enjoy it i will then purchase it. I don't necessarily want to drop $70 for a game I might hate.

As to how to stop others, game devs have been trying through various means for a long time. Some games have code that intentionally breaks when pirated, some have checks and ban people. There is no proven way as all have drawbacks and can flag legitimate players.

2 years, 8 months ago

As you all know, I was complaining about gameloft banning me. Later I discovered that my game was instead hacked. And later i found out that it was my cousin, to whom i've let to play my game, hacked it using some mods. I didnt even knew it.

Now i feel bad for the company. Each and every pirated/ cracked copy makes the game dev loose money. I feel bad about it. Especially for those indie devs.

As per my calculation, there's a game in playstore made by cellular bits. It costs around 0.91$ per apk(20.1 mb)
the number of legal downloads is about 500. So 500x0.91=455$. thats all the money the indie dev has earned. Now theres a website . it allows downloading of paid games for free. There, I've seen the game was downloaded 4500 times. Its piracy . Now since each apk costs 0.91$, 4500x0.91= 4095$. A whooping amount of money the indie dev has lost. I feel bad about it.

2 years, 8 months ago
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