How long before the Chinese Communist Party collapses

July 25, 2017, 8:15 pm

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when things are not made in China

2 years ago

I didnt say the Chinese Communist Party is collapsing...I said how long until it (inevitably) eventually does. It doesnt matter if they are "rich, powerful and in total control"...the Nazis, Fascists, and Russian Communists were also "rich, powerful and in total control". In fact those 3 groups had more power over the people than the Chinese govt does since the Chinese allow a lot more freedom. However since those 3 govts collapsed despite having more power, ig is inevitable that the CCP will also collapse eventually because those kids protesting for "democracy" will one day grow up and be the ones in charge. Thus the CCP will collapse. Its called learning from history. Yes the CCP is more "solid" than the US govt but a system which is built on parties failing i.e. democracy can survive for slightly longer.

"since the point of whether they could get their money back from an insolvent US government is irrelevant as they are quite wealthy" they could get their money back, just that the US would be in even further debt from the sources they borrow the money from. However it is likely that in such a situation were to occur where the US banned its trade with China and China called back its debts immediately (just as the US did with Germany before the Nazis came to power), the US would nost likely end the trade ban and resume the status quo.

Also, just because they are "quite wealthy" doesnt mean they wouldnt call back money that was owed to them. What a foolish claim. Yes they are wealthy but of course they would still want back the trillions that are owed to them. Incase you didnt realise, $1.1 trillion is a lot of money... to claim that they wouldnt want that back because theyre "quite wealthy" is "quite" preposterous...

2 years ago

MrShine, China isnt communist. It is state-capitalist, which is basically where the entire nation functions as a huge corporation with the govt as the board of directors and they work for PROFITS. That is what distinguishes it from Communism. Simply owning the means of production doesnt make it communist because even fascism and nazism do that. However China is very flexible. It is "1 nation, 2 systems".

2 years ago

What makes you think the communist party is collapsing? they are rich, powerful and in total control. they are probably alot more solid than the American government these days.

the US pays large amounts of interest to China every year. and since the point of whether they could get their money back from an insolvent US government is irrelevant as they are quite wealthy.

just because a government has one element of a system does not make it that system. collective ownership of the means of production is only one element of communism. if they were actually communists they wouldn't have more billionaires than any other country.

2 years ago

Maybe not all of China is collapsing, but just the communist party. Realistically calling in the debts would yield no money. Sure the US is in debt to China but there's no surplus. Also, what about owning the means of production isn't communist?

2 years ago

Also Chinas not communist.

2 years ago

Mrshine, China is one of the biggest economies in the world and the fastest growing major econony in the wirld. theyre not going to run out money any time soon. and even if they did, which they wont, they could just call back the trillions of dollar that the USA owes them.

2 years ago

Only God Knows...I dont think There would be a Positive Change in Near Future in China

2 years ago

Give it another 5 years. Communism is fun until you run out of someone else's money

2 years ago
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