How would you shut up a 2 face person

October 7, 2015, 11:25 am

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she just started talking shit about me but she only do it online or when im not in the school i hate that

4 years ago

It depends on the situation and how close your relationship is. Some people stop if confronted, others get worse. If they are the type to back down, confront them and ask why they would say things behind your back rather than to you. If they are not, talk to those they are talking to about what they are criticising then, depending on the reason, you can try to address it indirectly.

If you are close with the person it is generally better to talk to them directly since that avoids it seeming like you are talking about THEM behind their back.

4 years ago

i mean how to act correctly when someone is bother

4 years ago

Two ball gags.

4 years ago
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