Human beings have forgotten how war can sometimes be the best option to solve humanity's problems

May 23, 2015, 6:35 pm

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5 years ago

War brings about a national investment in science. WW2 gave us nuclear power, for all the bad this has caused, we have advanced our knowledge of physics and our understanding of the universe as a whole because of it. Countless inventions rode of the backs of such discoveries.

Space travel came out of the cold war. It would be unfeasible to justify a budget in peace time large enough to under take such a project. (Neil deGrass Tyson has a few lectures on that particular subject).

War is a means to focus a large amount of resources into technology and the sciences that isn't feasible for private companies or during times of peace.

5 years ago

I think war and war-like strategies are used often to solve problems, but as our military technology becomes more and more advanced so too does the expense of war. If war were economically viable it'd be used more often.

Though sometimes I wonder, if five hundred thousand people grabbed swords, shields and a little primitive bullet-proof armor, even though they died and lost a war with a military power like America, would the financial cost to the Americans be more back-braking then the economic loss to the rebels? If another army of the same size then appeared, would America be able to afford defeating that opponent?

5 years ago

Necessity may be the mother of all inventions, and if that's true, war is certainly it's grandmother.

5 years ago

While obviously not everyone has forgotten that sometimes war is the best of bad options (since someone created this debate) there seems to be many people who have.

5 years ago
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