I love god

September 28, 2018, 5:52 pm

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evil and bad are different things and not inherently the same. evil things happen less than bad things because to be evil one must understand evil. What it means and it is not believed that humanity started out with this knowledge. true we had free will but it is different. So the question you are asking is if God is good why did bad things happen? because we already know why evil things happen.

so, my hypothesis is that bad things happen to change us. nobody who has survived a disaster like this is the same for better or worse events like this are an integral part of who you are, to face death is to learn about it. it may not need to be this way, but God rarely just says what he means. And sometimes bad things happen but with the bad, good always follows. people help as best they can and stay strong for those around them. a disaster for all it's mayhem brings people together and strengthens them to provide hope to the others. So no it's not good but instead it is often a call to action.

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i didn't prove anything ,
and what is unnecessary

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the pain from natural disasters is not an illusion. it is very real and as far as I can tell, completely unnecessary.

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#1 i didn't mention the freewill yet but , am talking about recognition and appreciation for god gifts for you , how you can recognize the existence of safety and peace and comfort without suffering
. and i didn't think there is so much suffering , do we all have cancer or we are all poor , i don't know the exact percentage but 95 % of us have families and homes
# 2 there is some people god punish them in this life
# 3 the pain is just illusion and human can adapt with anything , it's a long topic we can make later
# everything is clear my friend

1 year, 3 months ago

sorry, 2* reasons

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I guess let's make the topic of this thread "the problem of evil".

your right, evil must exist for 3 reasons.

1: free will must allow us to have the option of evil

2: things like good/evil, light/dark or hot/cold only define themselves relative to the other so they cannot exist in isolation, or at least we would not even recognize them as anything worth notice if there is no alternative.

but there are still questions. free will explains human evil (murder, intolerance, hate), but humans cannot be blamed for the massive destruction of natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes that take the lives of hundreds to thousands of people indiscriminately, good or bad. that seems like arbitrary evil done by god's actions, not our own.

what lessons do we learn from the loss of loved ones, sending many into homelessness, making water undrinkable and crop fields destroyed. disease, famine, destitution. what is the lesson there? isnt there a less suffering inducing way to teach those lessons? this does not seem good.

1 year, 3 months ago

#4 it's all about the test we are in , if there no evil there is no test
#5 to give you a trial for afterlife , the hell and the paradise , paradise the unlimited desires , and hell unlimited pain , if there is no pain we can't imagine it

1 year, 4 months ago

think about it , if it was no light there will be no darkness

1 year, 4 months ago

the ignorant harm himself more than his enemy harm him
#1 imagine a world without evil , there well be no meaning for Good , if there is no illnesses we can't see the beauty of health
#2 if someone was sick or had hard times god will reward him for being patient if he a believer
#3 to see God grace on you ,

1 year, 4 months ago

I hate "god." I hate "him" for holding back the rights of other human beings. I "hate" him for trying to spread lies to our children through biology classes. I hate "him" for striking fear into so many of my friends. I hate "him" for holding back science and technology. I hate the concept of god. although I can't hate something that I lack belief in.

1 year, 4 months ago
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