I'm an atheist. Feel free to ask me questions

January 22, 2018, 6:58 pm

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That is pretty much the same story for me. Darwin's theory of evolution really influenced as well.

1 year ago
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Like to be honest I always was one... I mean when I was little I'd "pray" but neither of my parents are religious. It was kind of how people ask Santa for things. I was only 80% genuine. After some thought I came to the logical conclusion that there is no proof of a god or God's.

1 year ago

Oh, I'm used to this other debate app that got taken off Google play. I'm an atheist as well. What made you become an atheist.

1 year ago

The app says start a discussion not ask a question.

1 year ago

My question is: why is this not a question.

1 year ago
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