If Donald Trump isn't a Russian asset then he impersonates one very well

January 15, 2019, 9:49 am

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Add to that that he undermines america's institutions (Justice Department, the courts, the Intelligence services), praises Putin at every opportunity, his family makes tons of money from russians and they rely on Russian loans for their businesses (no western bank will go anywhere near them because they don't pay their bills).

3 months ago

Consider for a moment what would happen if a Russian asset managed to become US president. What would they do? In my mind they would:

1) Undermine NATO / Disband NATO / get america to withdraw from NATO
2) fight to prevent any sanctions on Russia / Russian Oligarchs and try to repeal existing sanctions
3) Withdraw american troops and support in Syria to cede the area to Russian influence

Trump has either done or spoken in favor of all of these things. I can't imagine what more he could do in Russia's favor at the expense of America's interests.

3 months ago

Over the weekend 2 concerning stories emerged.

1) the FBI was forced to open an investigate into whether Trump is an asset of the Russian government either wittingly or unwittingly.

2) Trump has met with Putin privately 5 times and in each case he refuses to allow any Americans (other than a translator) to be present. In one case he even took the translators notes of the meeting. No one is the US government knows what Trump was doing in these meetings.

3 months ago
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