If god is all powerful can he create a stone so heavy he cannot lift god's ominopotience=disproven

January 30, 2016, 12:18 am

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Fair, however, there is also meaning in defeating this logic too. Perhaps for some it doesn't lie in religious affirmation either. It would be possible if the desired substance was preferred to exist. Let me explain, If someone was handed a knife and told "stab yourself." their answer would be no. This is not true for all people, but let's say for this particular person it is true. Does the person refuse to stab himself because he is unable to? No, it is because he does not desire to, and so he is unable. If God exists, it could create a substance it wouldn't want to be destroyed, meaning that it cannot because it doesn't want to. To change that is to change a qualitative trait, so it cannot. Supposedly, if God worked more like a mechanism, then there would be no desire, so it would move as nature does. If then, what's to say the will is or how to change it? It would be hard to qualify cant's when either 1:The trait has numbers or 2:The question can be answered with "undesired". Seems cheap, but omnipotence is answered in a manner that defies logic, use logic to define something that breaks logic and obviously it will seem wrong.

4 years, 5 months ago

While you are right, it is a thought exercise into the nature of omnipotence. Another would be "Can God create a substance so strong the He cannot destroy it?" It is meant to point out the illogic of the concept of an omnipotent being.

4 years, 5 months ago

"Lift" is a limited term. If God exists, then it must work around the terms of cause and effect. For example, when you lift a rock, multiple parts of your body are working together to make that rock move. The feet planted in the ground, arm, spine, all things that make things work. For God, it would have to be a purely qualitative trait, without a number. The rock rises, so it is done. To overcome this loophole, the easiest thing for God to do, should it be omnipotent, is to create a rock the size of existence. Therefore, there is no direction for the rock to rise. Even if it could move, there is no definite point of up, down, left , right as it would have to be determined as it is made.

4 years, 5 months ago
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