Is advancement in science and technology a boon or curse

December 8, 2015, 9:26 am

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There are things like nerve gas and nuclear weapons that humanity would be better had we remained ignorant of. Once we have knowledge that they do exist, the genie is out of the bottle and we have to deal with the consequences.

Knowledge of how to create explosives from readily available items is available for anyone who wants to learn how. This has led to people making and using homemade explosives to kill others. Society as a whole would have been better if those people had remained ignorant.

I do agree that the benefits of these things vastly outweigh the problems they create and I am not arguing that we should stop development for fear of what we will create, but knowledge does come with a risk of abuse.

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You're describing medical and scientific ethics. It's a whole field of study on its own. Science even gave us the tools to deal with its own consequences. Born from the mother of all sciences, philosophy.

4 years, 2 months ago

Science is the acquisition of knowledge and technology is the application of knowledge. To argue against this you must accept that knowledge acquisition is bad, you must accept that acting on knowledge is bad. So you would have to argue for a constant state of ignorance without the ability to apply improvements.

It is in our nature to explain the world around us, that is to say to acquire knowledge. We do this innately. We discovered fire to improve our surroundings long before there was science, we built tools as our first forms of technology, we improved them with the first "sciences" (metallurgy, alchemy, etc...). Modern science is simply an extension of this same process. It is how we turned a species which is relatively weak and feeble, compared to our competitors, into the most dominant species on the planet.

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On the whole I think more good is done than harm, but there are two sides to technology and we need to keep that in mind when we discuss it.

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The flip side to all this is that for every advancement there are new risks and challenges.

Medical science has reached the point where we are able to clone humans, edit DNA and custom design children. Then the question becomes should we. Extending the life expectancy has led to conversations about end of life care, euthanasia, and all of the controversy therein. It also brings up thorny issues around what needs to be cured. There are deaf people who want to hear, and Deaf people who feel that it is not a disability but a part of their identity.

Transportation makes it easier for the bad people to get around just as much as the good people. 9/11 demonstrated how destructive these technologies can be. They also lead to more deaths from driving itself because the human mind is not able to react in time for all emergencies.

Information technology has lead to identify theft, as well as making coordination of attacks easier. As more of our lives are lived in the digital realm, more is vulnerable to digital threats. If your phone went out 50 years ago, life went on. Many people would find it hard to function without their cell phones today.

Along with the benefits of agriculture come new risks. Carcinogens have been introduced into our diets, pesticides are killing animals and insects that are important to the ecosystem. Water is being contaminated and animals treated cruelly.

4 years, 2 months ago

It is both boon and curse.

Science and technology give us control of the world around us to make it safer, more comfortable and more productive.

Medical science allows us to treat and cure diseases that used to be lethal. Children don't have to die of many diseases that used to claim so many and the lifespan has dramatically increased as our understanding of the human body and it's diseases improved.

Transportation technology let's us move from place to place safer, faster and easier. Settling America cost many lives and took many years as people migrated. Now we can make the same trip in hours by plane with almost no risk. It has also made getting help on emergency much easier since police, fire and ambulances can travel to where they are needed much faster.

Information technology unlocked the world. Someone in America can talk to someone in Australia in real time. Families separated by continents can talk and ever see each other every day. What used to take years of schooling and memorization to learn can now be found by doing a quick Google search. At no time in history has as much information been readily available to as many people as today.

Agricultural science has allowed us to feed more people more nutritious food than was historically possible. Modern farming practices like crop rotation, chemical fertilizer and harvesting technology has made it so that food is not only available to most people in developed nations, but it is over abundant.

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It's a boon. Would you really wanna live back in the stone ages?

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