Is feminism still needed today

May 5, 2015, 11:58 am

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I agree with I_voyager, it seems like you still believe feminism is needed to fight inequality and prevent women from having acid thrown in their face or needing a male chaperone, but that you feel modern feminists are not fighting these battles.

While I agree that there are many people claiming to be feminists who are exactly as you describe, there are also many more around the word who are not. Almost everyone has heard of Malala, a young woman who fights for women to be able to receive an education. Emma Watson gave a speech to the UN about not just dealing with women's issues, but with dealing with harmful stereotypes that men face as well. To say that modern feminists are middle class, white women who attack men is to oversimplify and stereotype a large group of people based on the most extreme examples.

4 years, 8 months ago
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Your argument doesn't really explain why feminism is unneeded today. It only explains how feminism is misused, or how another irrational movement is misrepresented as feminism.

Indeed, by arguing that there are meritorious battles for feminism (women lacking rights in other countries) you disagree with your vote that feminism is no longer needed.

I can accept that third wave feminism seems tyrannical. I just don't think that argument explains why feminism has no place in modern society. Since your arguments are inconsistent with your conclusion I suggest stepping back and re-framing your views to be more consistent. You may find you agree that feminism is still needed today, and then realize you need to pose a new statement like "Third Wave Feminism Distorts and Misuses Feminism"

4 years, 8 months ago

3rd wave feminism is not for equality and if it were, it would not be called feminism. Feminism suggests the problems women face are more important than the problems each individual faces. Along with that, modern feminism often ignores the real wars on women in third world countries where women are often splashed with acid, not allowed to go out without a man, have no political or property rights, etc. 3rd wave feminism focuses on free birth control, abortion, fat acceptance (the body acceptance movement focuses on this rather than those born without limbs, horrible deformed in an accident, etc), slut pride, how bras and shaving a patriarchal inventions to keep women subsive, and about how any guy that looks at a woman's seductive outfit is a rapist. Modern feminists are middle class white women who claim they are oppressed and all white, cis, straight males are privileged no without even knowing a thing about their life and background and what they may face internally and externally. Also, feminism talks about female empowerment.. this suggests women are inherently weak and must be empowered. Humanitarianism is what is needed, not feminism.

4 years, 8 months ago

Anyone who feels it is not should look into the paper by Fiona Ingle and Megan Head. Not so much the paper itself (which interestingly was about gender differences in scientific research) but the review they received when they submitted it to be published. "It would probably also be beneficial to find one or two male biologists to work with (or at least obtain internal peer review from, but better yet as active co-authors), in order to serve as a possible check against interpretations that may sometimes be drifting too far away from empirical evidence into ideologically biased assumptions. " (basically get a man's name on this paper or it can be assumed you are skewing the data).

4 years, 8 months ago

I believe so. Like racism will never be erased so long as there are other people different from ourselves, gender inequality will never be erased. But we go around that obstacle by having feminist organizations and racial organizations to better their conditions, if not to end the bad conditions they are in.

4 years, 8 months ago

I had an interesting discussion with my mother and brother one evening over the role and finale of Feminism. None of us really follow the annoying online debates between angry feminists and angry libertarians, but we all generally agree with feminism if it means "freedom and equality for all". We concluded that feminism (and atheism too, interestingly enough) must ultimately be a self-destroying movement. Because if it is successful, then there would be no reason anymore to be "feminist" - because you're defined by the fact of being human first (and probably your ideology, profession and sub-cultural tastes afterwards).

But at this moment I think it's still needed. I think there are a lot of cases of the misuse of feminism these days, and a case of mistaken identity from time to time as to what actually advances feminism and what doesn't, and a number of accusations against certain groups of misogyny or when there is in fact none. But I'm in the camp that agree there is probably a wage gap between men and women in certain high-money industries, and that the elder generation of rich and powerful folk still assert a misogynistic behavior and response-type. In a building owned by such a man a woman might still get "Hey sugar tits" or whatever unnecessary statement. I know in certain American culture groups cat-calling and objectifying a woman is still a thing.

Here in Canada I'm not so sure feminism is much of a thing. Women don't run for Prime Minister often, but they get into every other level of parliament. A lot of my bosses and co-workers have been women. I've known many women who go to college and university. I know more women getting specialist jobs than men. I see women working on public construction jobs. I've seen women working as roofers. I meet female cops all the time. Some of these have been high-ranking officers. Women are in the ranks of our army. So I'm not sure how needed feminism is in Canada.

But in other nations throughout the world there is still an oppression of women here or there, variable depending on the culture. The west seems to have opened up to women the most. There are female leaders in Africa. But I don't know how well feminism flourishes in South America or Asia.

4 years, 8 months ago
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