Is leftism as evil as interpreted

January 8, 2018, 12:07 am

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but how about you?
do you think the left is evil? What is evil about it?

you did hint that communism is your chief worry, but it is at worst an ideological, naive, utopian belief that is hardly evil in any sense....

does this narrative of the evil left make any sense to you personally? and please explain why if it does.

11 months ago

obviously I don't think my beliefs are evil, and I would question any narrative claiming over 100 million people, something between 1/3rd and 1/2 of the nation, is evil.

I do think there is evil in our politics, but it's not an idea or a political leaning. there is nothing wrong with conservatism or most of their basic tenents. small government, fiscal responsibility, promoting family, entrepreneurship, opportunity equality, are all great causes, and even if i disagree with some of them (small government) it's still nice to have people ensuring it doesn't grow too big or to keep an eye on no longer relevant or counter productive regulations (but not demonize the entire concept of rules).

the conservative party has been hijacked by traitors like mcconnel and Paul Ryan. there certainly are greedy corrupt democrat individuals, idk how many, probably alot, it's politics. but being personally selfish isn't near what feels like an organized attempt by Republican leadership (not all politicians, but definitely the 2 top dogs I mentioned who happen to have all the power and likely many others) to steal power from the America people and create an oligarchy where money rules like Russia.

1) tax bill, I can explain in a seperate post if you like.
2) citizens United ruling stating money = speech, which is speech that silences the poor because $$ are very loud.

11 months ago

lol @ Milo

Milo is a troll, don't take my word for it, he's proud of it. as shown on this link from his own organization, breitbart:

Milo is actually the only alt right speaker i respect (not because I agree with anything that comes out of his mouth, he doesn't believe what he says either, as per definition of a troll, he's just trying to get a reaction). I respect him for 1) openly saying he's a troll, and people still believe him or react to him, I don't know why, and 2) he's the only one who isn't a total hypocrite. When a controversial liberal speaker wanted to talk (sarsour I believe) all the conservatives called for a boycott and he was the only one who called them out saying "what happened to your free speech? let her talk".

respect or not, you can't take the words of a troll seriously. especially a proud, self proclaimed one.

11 months ago
replied to...

in the eyes of political figures such as Milo Yianopolous and Ben Shapiro

11 months ago

what do you mean? What do consider leftism? why would it be evil?

11 months ago
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