Is taking or asking for intel about your political rivals from hostile foreign countries wrong

June 13, 2019, 11:22 am

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Agreed. it is an extremely disturbing pattern. And nothing says "no collusion" like admitting that you are totally open to colluding with foreign powers. It's mind numbing that anyone could believe that he didn't collude when he is openly admitting that he would do it. When he is saying that everyone does it and he sees nothing wrong with it.

1 year ago

I expect this topic to be completely ignored. Republicans will not act on this information, they will not defend it, and they will continue to turn a blind eye. they are pathetic.

and to any Republican who uses the presidents defense that this is how reality works. yes, in reality greedy people will do anything to gain power. in reality the people and institutions do anything to stop these people. not sheepishly go along with it you amnesiac hypocrit sheep.

1 year ago

I would say that this is an extremely dangerous sentiment for any politician to voice. but in particular, having the president of the united states (who controls law enforcement) saying that he would welcome foreign interference in america's elections while the every single US intelligence agency is saying that foreign countries are trying to influence american elections is horrifying.

He is basically telling every country in the world that it is ok to meddle in america's democracy to help him win. And since he controls law enforcement, the people who are supposed to be trying to stop this from happening they very well could.

I don't see how any republican could possibly be ok with this.

1 year ago

Trump said in an interview yesterday that if a foreign power were to offer to help him damage a political opponent that he would accept their help. He also said he would not contact the FBI because "life doesn't work like that".

So the topic is this: in general, do you think an american politician should accept help from agents of a foreign power to help themselves get elected and should they contact the FBI if this were to occur?

1 year ago
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