Is the multiverse theory real

March 15, 2017, 7:49 pm

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no one knows.... however, there are several reasons to believe that we might.

we know that we live in a flat universe. there is also data suggesting that we live in an infinite universe. Using the quantum-corrected Raychaudhuri equation produces a mathematical model of the universe which is infinite.

if we indeed have an infinite universe, then eventually there will be repetitions since there is a finite number of ways matter can arrange itself.

then there is the notion of the bubble universe. it comes from eucladian mathematical models which suggest that universe may "bud" off already existing universes as certain section keep expanding and others stop expanding becoming isolated.

the concept of parallel universes arises from the theory that there may be more than 3 dimensions which would make other universes a mathematical necessity.

the concept of the daughter universe arises from quantum physics. in quantum mechanics we calculate probability of an outcome rather than definite outcomes. the math of this theory gives us a world where all possibilities in fact due happen, and that each time an event occurs a universe is created for each possible outcome.

we can look at it like this, if we call "1" an event and a, b, c are different outcomes for event 1 then we would have 3 different universes, each with a different outcome to even "1" but the same in all other ways.

----- universe 1a

1 ----- universe 1b

------ universe 1c

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