Islam is the best religion

May 19, 2019, 9:00 am

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Islam has allowed for mamy atrocities and foes not have any peace, its about war.

10 months ago

i think all religons are bad in the same way of placing faith before fact.. but Islam has been especially bad to society in places like the middle East and parts of Africa. when you look at countries like Saudi Arabia who literally have Sharia as law.. the quality of life is unbearably low. now, historically, christianity has killed more people. But recently, Islam has been the most dangerous and radical belief system in man kind. Not all Muslims are bad, most aren't, but the religon and teachings of the religon itself are horrible. teaching kids islam, and especially making them into an Islamic literallist is both bad for them and society. if you think a book that has its primary figure as a slave-owning illiterate perverted war-lord as it's central figure... yea that's pretty bad

10 months ago
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owe OK.

1 year ago
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Muslim is a practitioner of Islam; Islam is the religion.

1 year ago

You mean Muslim?

1 year ago
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