It is impossible to know that someone has travelled back in time

June 1, 2015, 4:12 pm

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But it'd be okay if you ended up in another Universe, but still had a normal life. Meeting your self from another Universe would be really problematic.

4 years ago

You would likely get lost and end up jumping between parallel universes for years hoping each time would be the jump that brings you home.

4 years ago

What if when you go back in time you jump to a parallel Universe and then you jump foward to a third Universe that has the changes you've made in the second one?

4 years ago

If changing the past generates a new reality based on those changes (divergent from the original time line) then no one in it would know because the alternate future did not ever occur for them, it occurred to (will occur to) someone else. If changing the past rewrites the present (altering the original time line) then no one would know because for them nothing has changed since now the alternate future did not and will never exist.

4 years ago

Ask if you want a massive further explanation.

4 years ago

for me time would change every time something is sent back In time, it changes massively and without going into a massive rant about it, it would be like someone new joining a group which is weird and different but after time they blend in as if they have always been there with you so anyone who has travelled back in time is likely to have blended in so much that you would not recognise them as a time traveller

4 years ago
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