It is innapropriate for a 9th grader to be in a loving relationship with a 6th grader

February 7, 2015, 10:26 pm

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In the 6th grade most people are 11 or 12 and aren't even in middle school yet a lot haven't bin taught what it means to be in a loving or romantic relationship and their for may not quite possess the needed skills to conduct a healthy relationship. That plus sum haven't even began to start puberty or are just beginning and with all the hormones puberty comes with it would damn near be taking advantage if someone older got into any relationship of the loving kind with a 6th grader. Plus believe it or not if you were to engage in sexual intercourse rather both parties are minors in some I know California for sure the older party could be charged with statutory rape. No lie you could very much become a sex offender especially if the child is under the age of 13 the DA could crucify you and charge as an adult if those they wished. On a personal note though it is kinda gross to think that someone old enough to be a freshman in highschool is looking at a 6th grader in that kinda way, being that most haven't even begun to show any adult physical features and still very much looks like a child. So that is borderline pedaphilia right there and at 14 or 15 you should be old enough to know better and its scares me that you even had to ask this question. But I rather you ask then act without knowing.

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