Its impossible to know if we know everything there is to know.

May 28, 2015, 3:00 pm

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True. We do not know everything there is to know as we still have many questions. Lets just say in a million years, science runs out of questions. We still wont know if we know everything or not with certainty. Even God cant be all knowing. It could have been created by a higher supreme being without it ever knowing. You cant know what you dont know.

4 years, 11 months ago

let's take thus literally, so let's say that people knew 100% everything there is to know, then we would know what people are thinking how people are thinking what's going to happen in the future when we will die we would be so bored because nothing would surprise us

5 years ago

no its not because scientists still don't understand why things act differently at the quantum level so we therefore know we don't know everything there is to know

5 years ago

I do not think that it is impossible to know that you know everything if you know everything. But what I do know is that it is impossible to know everything. Knowing everything is basically saying that you are God. This is not a religious argument just hear me out. To Christians, God is all-knowing because He is watching over everyone at the same time. Because He is watching over everyone, He will know everything about them and therefore He knows everything. He also knows things like natural disasters even if nobody is there because, again, to Christians, He causes them. Knowing everything would make you God because you would know how to cure yourself from any disease you may come across. Making you immortal. Granted you may be bedridden for eternity but you would be immortal.

Now, no human can know everything because that would include, knowing whether God is real or not, did the big bang really happen, and every little thing about every person in the world that has ever lived, and I don't think we can know everything about Joe that live 500 years ago because not every little thing is documented. Plus, no person can prove that something does not exist. As far as I know it is physically impossible to prove that dragons or unicorns do or did not exist. Have we seen any today? No. Does that mean that they never existed? No.

As I said before knowing everything includes knowing everything about every person who ever lived or lives on the earth. It would take forever to get to know everything about every person in the world even living. With the billion of people on the earth, even if you got through an entire man's life in one day, you would not have enough time.

To explain why my answer is that I disagree is because the topic says that it is impossible to know that you know everything, not that it is impossible to know everything. I disagree because if you were to know everything, you would know that you know everything or else you would not know everything.

5 years ago

Actually, once you know everything you know that you know everything, so you know there's nothing ELSE to know, but you know that what you already know is already known.

All I know is that you know nothing Jon Snow.

5 years ago

Right now we know for certain that we don't know everything. Physics and psychology, as well as many other fields are working on solving problems and finding answers. If someday we run out of questions, it is possible that we just won't know what questions to ask, but personally I can't see science ever running out of questions.

5 years ago
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