Its not discrimination when churches refuse to marry gays

October 10, 2015, 7:41 pm

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definitely discrimination, but it is also a choice that any pastor or priest should be able to make as well. that all beloved "separation of church and state" should cut both ways right?

4 years ago

Being gay is not a conscious choice. no one is sure where sexual preference is derived from but it isn't a choice. and even if it were a choice it would still be discrimination. you are refusing them a service based on your personal oppinons of them. that is discrimination.

4 years ago

look at some prison imates they cum out gayee and it is a choice church is relgiom

4 years ago

Absolutely its discrimination...But it is discrimination of what we think of as sin.

4 years ago

that's exactly what it is. you are refusing to provide a service because you don't like them for something they can't control. I'm not saying a priest should have to marry gay couples. but don't kid yourself, its discrimination. if someone refused to marry interracial couples that would be discrimination. if someone refused to marry short people that would be discrimination.

4 years ago
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