Japan's age of consent is 13. Is that wrong

January 5, 2020, 8:41 am

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That's pretty sick. Imagine being 30 with a gf of 13, eating dinner with her and her parents who are your age.

No wonder they make questionable pornos.

1 year ago
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I checked. That is called a Close in age exemption or a "Romeo and Juliet law". Japan does not have that. The national age of consent is 13. However a number of prefectures have their own local laws which put this higher. But in many parts of japan, a 13 year old could engage in consensual sexual acts with an adult.


1 year ago

are you sure that it isn't about 13 year olds being allowed to have sex with kids up to 18?

where I'm from, we call it being "legally f***able" and means 15 yolds can have sex with kids up to 18.

1 year ago
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although im sure every 13 year old here will confidently disagree :)

1 year ago

a 13 year old is incapable of making fully informed decisions in a modern developed environment.

1 year ago
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